Animals Rights: Should they be the same as Human?

by Meli.caron007 on September 4, 2013 - 10:36pm



In Quebec, it is not rare to hear about puppy mill owners’ questionable treatment of their husbandry. In the article, the SPCA reporter talks about the poor conditions dogs were found in.

Later yesterday, the SPCA stepped in the South Shore of Montreal, where dog puppies, mostly Yorkshire Terriers, were kept into low sanitary conditions. The SPCA took the dogs out and brought them at the SPCA emergency clinic. Most of the dogs were having eye or ear infections. They were confined into small cages, where they were sometimes more than two per cages. The puppy mill owner would be up to a fine of $75,000, and if the prosecutor agrees, the SPCA will bring them to court. The dog could thus finally be adopted by customers.

What I see from these interventions over the years is that people do not learn from the errors of others. Many owners got arrested, because of their unsanitary conditions and some keep doing it, even today. Therefore, they should be more careful and respectful of the dogs they take care of, and the government should be more aware of these events. Even if the law is not telling that dogs have the same rights as humans, I really believe they do. A dog is also a living being. It has the same fundamental needs as us: eating, drinking water, and sleeping. They also have feelings and can be unhappy and do depression. I think that the quote saying “man’s best friends is dog’s” really applies in my belief, because one would not treat a friend this way.



Owner's who do this don't have any respect of the animals they are breading. What we have learned in class is that ethics has more than three approaches but one of them applies in this case. Consequentialism applies because we have a problem and then there is a consequence, in this case the consequence is jail time for the owners of the puppy mill due to insufficient living conditions for the puppies.

I am a firm believer that animals must be treated with respect and decency, so seeing animals treated like this tugs a bit at my heartstrings. Dogs are described as having the same faculties as a 3 year old once they reach their prime, so I believe that they should be treated well. I'm not saying that we should all pamper cats and dogs, but they should at the very least have as much food and water as they need, space to run and somewhere to sleep. Taking care of these needs is crucial for owning pets, so seeing a group that claims to be a "commercial breeding facility," treat dogs so poorly truly seems very bad to me. I find it ridiculous how a whole facility made to breed dogs cannot even take care of the puppies that are born as a result of their work. The irresponsibility of the breeders shocks me because they must have solely had the intention of saving money at the cost of many of the dogs getting ear infections and having very small cages to live in. I believe that they were looking at the whole thing in a virtue ethics way, they simply tried to make money, but in order to do so they made the conditions for the animals cheaper and, as a consequence, now they have to pay alot of money because of that.

I think you are forgetting that dogs are not the only animals being treated in a bad way. Videos of cats being hit or even marched on with a high heel have been found on internet. I am sure a lot more can be found, regarding different animals. Don’t forget that animals are being used to test different beauty products.

I think the value we can look at here is equality. I agree, animals aren’t humans, they do not offer as much as we do, but they do have feelings. I think animals understand humans in a unique way, without having to use words. Therefore, they do offer us something so they should be treated equally. For example, MIRA trains dogs to help people. Dogs can help blind people, people in depression, and people with mental illnesses. Horses can help people with physical disabilities. They all have something to offer and are not much different than us. Just think about monkeys, which we are supposedly the descendants!

So, animals should be treated like humans because they have a lot to offer in their own unique way.

Speaking as a Quebec resident, it appals me how uneducated our province is on the subject of puppy mills. Quebec has the highest rate of puppy mills in all of North America and hardly anyone knows about this. In 2009, I adopted two rescues from one of the largest puppy mill raids by the SPCA. The condition of the dogs was repulsive. They were covered in welts and skin growths, their paws were severed, they had a lot of gastric issues, and most had little to no teeth. Some of the dogs that were being kept in intensive care at the SPCA were completely blind and were missing limbs. The two that I rescued, Jack and Jill were in horrible condition. Neither of them had fur, Jill was missing all her front teeth from chewing on her cage and the skin on her belly was so deteriorated from the dozens of litters that were taken away from her, that the veterinarian had to give her a tummy tuck. It took months to get them used to walking on four paws rather than two, to refrain from eating their own feces due to lack of nutrition, and they still have anxiety around other people as well as the outdoors during a storm or in the winter. The trauma these dogs endured for what was assumed to be five or six years is unimaginable.

There needs to be more awareness. There are so many dogs and cats in North America that are in need of homes and a loving family, so why is the mass production are puppies in pet stores (that most of which have hidden diseases and are not purebred) necessary? Why do other dogs and cats have to go through unnecessary torture so that a family can be happy with the cute puppy in the window? I promise you, 100% of the dogs in puppy mills would be as cute if not cuter than the ones at pet stores if they were well taken care of and nurtured. I've had my dogs for almost six years now and they are healthy and happy. When we first adopted them, It was presumed that Jill would never have fur on her ears and jack would start losing his teeth. Jill now has more fur on her ears than any other part of her body and Jack hasn't lost one tooth.

There is such thing as hope and a happy ending but there shouldn't have to be a tragedy to get to that point. People need to open their eyes and start questioning the situation.

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