Ads all over the Internet

by fleming.Shamuel on September 18, 2013 - 11:16am



Ads all over the Internet


We are all used to seeing ads in our life ! If its not from the TV, its from the Journals, and if its not from the Journals, it is from the Radio or the Internet. In our modern society, the world of internet is growing intensively and very fast ! For example, 10 years from now, teachers never used computers or power points to explain things. Now, everything is on portable computers and their entire course outline is on the internet ! The world of internet is big and we can’t deny that is very useful and as much as we use internet at our advantages, marketing analysts do the same ! It is almost impossible that you surf the web without seeing any advertisement !


Websites like google who gets billions of hits by many users everyday is a major player in that “ads” league. In facts, website like Youtube (who is owned by google) analyze what you watch and what you listen to and then sell those information to privates companies that will then send you ads (scam) over emails or even in form of a “banner” on regular websites. For example, last week I had a problem with my computer so I googled my problem and since then, I get ads like “Clean your computer easily with MacKeeper” or “bring your mac to one of our professional to get if fixed”. All I did was google few keywords and went on forums to know what was wrong with my Mac. 


It is not only that, the famous website called Facebook is doing a lot of this. Basically Facebook collect your personal information, claiming that it is completely secure then do the same thing that Google which is to sell our personal information to privates companies. For example, lets say in the category “ The things I like” I wrote that I loved doing bicycle, I will start seeing ads in my Facebook banner about all sorts of bicycle. 


I find that completely outrageous because before on TV, advertisement were not always of your interest but now that Facebook and other website sells information about what you like or dislike, all we see is advertisement that is interesting and therefore works better on us. The worst part is that we can’t do anything against it because Internet is a huge part of our life now.


Like you, I’m impress that website can arrive at some point that they know our taste and can influence us with adds, but is it really surprising you? Society put so much information on the internet and technology is so advanced, this is just normal I think.

As you said, ads are everywhere. They are on bus, road, television, internet, gas pump, washroom stall, and on the product itself. We can consider ads as part of our life. On average people living in urban centers can see 5000 ads per day. How do you want to avoid it? It’s almost impossible, but we don’t necessarily have to encourage companies.

Companies have reasons to do so. This is a form to attract consumers, and it’s working. Enterprises make a lot of money, whether the company that publishes the advertisement or company to which it belongs. It’s a part of the world marketing. If advertising were not there, we would not be as informed about no matter which topic.

I’m agree that ads are everywhere we look and that can be annoying, but as you said we can’t do anything about it. Put less importance on the ads on internet, don’t click on it, and put less information on your taste, this isn't going to stop the advertising but that can reduce it.

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