Abstract: View on Dictatorship

by m-a.soucisse on November 20, 2013 - 10:03am

Being interested in politics, I decided to do my research paper about dictatorship.  Looking back in history, dictatorship as seen some terrible leaders.  There are alot of pros and cons to be taken in when looking back at dictatorship.  What I believe is that dicatorship is a system destined to failure, because it is centralized on the needs and beliefs of one individual.

I will make the argument that the needs of one cannot fufill the needs of all.  I will also make the case that human beings do not share the same beliefs. I will divide my text by different dicators from different countries and different time periods.  I will be looking first at dictator Hosni Moubarak of Egypt and more specifically his rise to power, that rose the upset of the egyptian people.  Then I will turn to ex-dicator Adolph Hitler.  His rise to power was much more democratic and Hitler managed to get base support from his people.  I will make the argument that eventually, his beliefs and needs overcame the ones of the German people, witch eventually led to huge consequences.  Then I will look back at one of the best known dicatorship, the one of Jodseph Stalin of Russia. Two books will help me make the argument that his centralized power caused abuse of the Russian people.

Throughout my reading I have learned dictatorship will never satisfy a whole nation.  It's flaws are much greater then it's pros witch makes it a bad system, no matter the evolution it has known in the last decades.  What I have learned is that centralized power is a bad concept.  I will attempt to show you that in oreder to satisfy the needs and beliefs of many, a government ruled system shows a much better and democratic way to improve our lives.  I will also teach you that centralized power also leads to abuse.  I will teach you there are much better systems then dictatorship.


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