4 Ways to Take Action

by alexandregarceau on October 30, 2013 - 11:40am

Looking to take action to help decrease global warming? I have something that might interest you! Since the beginning of the 1900’s, Scientifics have been searching for ways to decrease global warming but throughout our everyday life. 4 very simple ways have been retained from those researches.  


In David Suzuki’s article, 4 simple tasks are presented to save our planet from global warming. The great thing is, they are all tasks that we can do in our little everyday life. The first one is transportation. We have to retained CO2 emissions by not taking our car every day for work or soccer practices or anything alike. We can take our bicycles, skateboards buses or even the train or metro. The second way is energy. What can we do to save our planet and money (because this is an aspect to consider too).The third one is food. It stipulates that we need to choose our food wisely (local food etc…). And the last one is just taking action! We can, as a group take responsibility and do something, we need movers and shakers to help the world move itself to a better ending. This article is really something to be inspired of, due to his rich information and credible author. Go read this article and go make a difference!





I totally agree with the fact that we need to make lots of change in our habits, but the one thing that we should first recognize is that the human race is lazy. Most of the human will not want to take the bus during winter, because they do not want to freeze their little buttock outside, and walk when your car could drive you directly from your front door to your office. It is sure this little habit we North –Americans is something we have perfectly developed since the car has exist, and It may seems effortless and not affecting the climate, but in fact, if 4 millions of lazy people starts doing it, then it will have a tremendous impact on our environment. That is, I encourage people to start doing some change in their lives such as walking and do bicycle and to change their alimentation and stuff, but we first need to accept and change of lifestyle and if we could maybe reduce the number of hours we do in a week it would probably motivate the workers to take the bus.
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