UN requests Catholic church to turn over pedophiles to authorities.

by bmusc1 on February 17, 2014 - 7:55pm

The issue of sexual child abuse, within the Catholic church has been an issue that is present on the news and is much to often, swept under the carpet never to be heard about again. Until, the recent demand from the United Nations that the Vatican turn over their reported child abusers to the authorities.  The article, Vatican taken to task by UN on child abuse.  Will the church change? By Nick Squires, brings up many examples about what it is that’s going on and how/if it will change.  The first main point Squires brings up is information on how the Catholic church ratified the UN Convention on the Human Rights of children in 1990 but, have yet to provide the progress reports for more theb a decade resulting in thousands of children fallen victim to pedophiles who are never convicted or turned in (Squires, 2014 p.1).  Squires also brings up the point that the rape of children and striping of a child’s basic rights is happening by all tittles in the church.  Priests, monks, and nuns are all perpetrators of theses hideous crimes being committed.  These crimes area only happening in the Vatican but reports are coming in from all corners of the world.  Ireland, the US, and Australia are only three of the many reported to have had catholic religious figures abusing children (Squires, 2014 p.1).   After the UN’s request the Holy See simply said that they could not be held reasonable for the action of the clergy, and that it is up to the authorities in the countries where the perpetrators to convict them of their crimes. 

            Relating this article back to our Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools text several elements were effectively used and incorporated into the authors text.  His point of view was strictly to inform the reader and to relay information to the reader.   This point of view allowed me to take in the information being given with out having to consider that the information is the author’s opinion.  The information in this article was new information to me that I had not previously heard about.  The section mentioned above, about the church making it the country’s responsibility and not the churches was an interesting and different opinion and a new piece of information I have not yet heard.  



         Squires, N. (2014, January 16). Vatican taken to task by UN on child abuse. Will the church change?. Christian Science Monitor.p. N.PAG.



As a matter of a fact, the issue is definitely global. As an individual interested in this topic, I thought your summary was very interesting. You stated a couple countries that went public about the issue, however, there are so many more countries that child abuse has affected. Here in Canada, more specifically Quebec, only decades ago the church had great power here and in result, many young children and adolescents were abused. In Montreal 206 men went to court to denounce the church's abuse they were subject to. I wrote a summary for my Newsactivism class concerning the same topic, you should check it out if you are interested in knowing what is going on here in Montreal: http://newsactivist.com/en/articles/newsactivist-winter-2014/child-sexua...

I would like to start by mentioning the fact that you did a great job with this article summary. Also, your choice of topic is very relevant because, as you mentioned, children that are abused by priests or other religious staff are stories that are often hide or settled off-court by the Catholic Church so it does not make any sound. If I may, I would like to share some of my observations on the issue. You did specify that some stories are starting to come on in the media. In that regard, I would like to precise the point that depending on the location of the articles publication, the information is not covered the same way on that specific issue. In Canada, even in Montreal, some stories regarding this issue have came out recently. I noticed that these stories covered by Canadian journalists are much more focused on the victim's perspective than, for instance, in the United States. If you are interested in reading more similar stories about sexually abused child by representative of the Catholic Church, here is the link to my post:


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