Steroids and sports

by jlove2 on February 24, 2014 - 10:42pm

    In an article from Sports Illustrated by Tom Verducci he explains the harm that steroids have had on the world of sports. There are many things that he states and shows that can lead you to believe how they have negatively effected society. Mainly in baseball PED's or Performance Enhancing Drugs have changed the way the game is played just for them to become one of the elite players. Verducci also focuses on what goes through the mind of a player using the drugs and what provoked them to begin using them. In an interview with a baseball player he gives many examples of why he wanted to use them and the whole thought process that went along with it. What happens when you begin using it, how to use it and the side effects associated.

    The purpose and question are two big factors of what goes through someone's head while taking steroids. Mainly when it comes to the purpose of the steroids it comes down to the fact the user feels inadequette, or weaker than their competition. And along with the need to use them to keep up with their competition the problem that they are almost always facing is that they are slipping away and aren't capable of maintaining the same level of play. In some other sports athletes will take the steroids to gain weight and to build as much muscle as they possibly can as fast as they can. Many times the consequences outweigh the rewards by a lot, in many cases the athlete will be suspended or kicked out of their sport for these substance abuses.  But at the time they can't think past how they are going to be so much stronger and faster, it almost creates a mindset that its okay to use them for that reason.





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I believe that the issue of steroids and sports is a good topic to discuss especially because it has become a prominent issue in the culture of our sports today. I feel that the structure of professional sports especially baseball creates this mentality of using steroids to become the faster and stronger because if you don’t perform well then you get traded or cut from the team. So because of this structure of professional sports, like you mentioned, those who feel like they can’t measure up to other players then resort to using steroids to improve their chances of staying on the team. As a sports fan, I do not condone the use of steroids because I feel that it belittles the game and it also creates an unfair advantage for those who do use compared to those who don’t and are just competing based upon their natural skills. Then it also brings about the issue of whether we award these players for their use of steroids while playing meaning that for those who have reached hall of fame status but used steroids to achieve this status, do we reward them and allow them into the hall of fame? These are just some of the issues performance enhancing drugs brings about. Overall I believe that you have written a good statement and have addressed this issue carefully and it is well grounded.


You bring up a great, and all too current issue. As sports are becoming increasingly competitive and world records are consistently being broken, we see an inhuman drive to push the athletes’ bodies to new levels. Too often, as exemplified in the media, anabolic steroids cause the rise and fall of many great athletes. The psychological feelings of inadequacy are only just the beginning of the problems associated with anabolic steroid use. An article published in the Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical & Experimental magazine gives six case-studies that exemplify the aggression, hostility, rage and even intent to murder were some of the associated effects of steroid use. The authors concluded the anabolic steroid related effects by stating, “Self-rated aggression did increase significantly in steroid users during their acknowledged on-drug periods” (Choi, Parrott, & Cowan, 1990, p. 349).

Choi, P. L., Parrott, A. C., & Cowan, D. D. (1990). High-dose anabolic steroids in strength athletes: Effects upon hostility and aggression. Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical & Experimental, 5(4), 349-356.

Steroids have been an issue in Sports for years now. Every other week it seems like some athlete gets caught up in some sort of scandal relating to it, and it really ruins the fabric of trust. Who's honest and who"s not? There's a player for the Baltimore Orioles named Chris Davis. Last year, the guy hit 50 or so home runs. All year, he was barraged with questions of steroid use. The guy swears innocence, and despite and great accomplishment, people are still forced to question whether or not he's being truthful. Sure the impressive home run race of the 90's between Sosa and McGuire were entertaining, and watching Barry Bonds set the career record was cool. But all 3 have been mired in cases against them that just make all we know, a lie. Hopefully one day we'll see and end to all this, but until then, it will just be a never ending cycle of questions , suspicions and shame.

For as long as I've been alive drugs abuse as has been an issue in sports. Although I mainly watch Basketball, where PED's and rarely discussed. On the other had I do watch baseball when the end of the season is nearing and these drugs ruin that game for me. Most recently, allegations against Alex Rodriguez have really annoyed me. I've be a yankee fan for a few years and I've seen A-Rod break records. Although the case isn't close yet and he hasn't officially been proven guilty, if and when he is proven guilty another potential hall of fammer will be stripped of the right to be inducted and another name tarnished. PED's are ruining amazing sports and really add nothing to it. If you're not good enough to get to the top without doing drugs then you simply shouldn't be at the top.

In the article mentioned above, they talk about how athletes take drugs during their sports season (which may be all year). Many popular athletes nowadays have been taking drugs to become “bigger” and more athletic, however in the end, its really not helping them out. The example that they use in the article is about a baseball player who started using steroids. The drugs that these athletes take basically give them a whole different mind. This is because in the moment, all they are thinking about is how big and fast they are going to be and they aren't actually thinking about the affect that these steroids have on them.

Steroids are a large questions in sports today. I truly believe steroids is still a huge factor in sports that goes on behind the scenes. I believe that what ever professional sport it is, the league should be cracking down and getting more strict about this topic. Steroids is a drug for your body that is very easily to create an addiction. Steroids gives your body a side of strength that no human is used to, and that is why it is so contagious. Humans love feeling that extremely strong sensation that overcomes them when using steroids. The leagues need to be aware of the risk and danger these athletes put themselves at when dealing with steroids. Otherwise, sports is a great way to stay active and maintain a great healthy living.

I believe that when jlove2 says it affects the "society", he uses the wrong word. I think this because I do not believe that it is most of our society that watches sports and so, yes, athletes using steroids may have an affect on sports fans, watching, but saying it could affect a whole society I think is going a little far.

I like that we are able to know what are the general motives of taking steroids but i found an article that states all the negative side effects of taking steroids so if we are able to pass on this knowledge to all athletes, we might be able to make them think twice before taking steroids and regretting it afterwards which happens a lot because of suspensions, etc. This is the article.

I did a similar response to yours for my news activism class : I do think there is a lot of athletes in sports that use steroids for the wrong reasons. I think that there should be harsher punishments for steroids users. However, as an athlete myself, I will never think that it is ok to take steroids to better my performance. Not matter the circumstances!

I did a similar response to yours for my news activism class : I do think there is a lot of athletes in sports that use steroids for the wrong reasons. I think that there should be harsher punishments for steroids users. However, as an athlete myself, I will never think that it is ok to take steroids to better my performance. Not matter the circumstances!

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