Religion Brought Into Classrooms

by eflem3 on September 18, 2013 - 2:25pm

Beauchamp, M. (2011) Face To Faith: Teaching Global Citizenship. Phi Delta Kappan, 24-27.


Face to Faith is an organization that is trying to put religion into our schools.  The founders believe that if everyone was taught about religion and was aware of all the different kinds, things in the world would be better.  They see it as getting an understanding of everyone’s point of view.  They believe that being informed about different religions in school will help kids to become more tolerant of others that are different from themselves.  A belief is held that intolerance, prejudice, and discrimination grow from the things that people don’t understand.  Face to Faith has become active in 400 schools and students get to talk with those of other religions and get to understand them a little better.  The students videoconference one another and build relationships with those that they may have never connected with.  Face to Faiths goal is to bring a simple understanding and tolerance of different religions to those of the world.  They do this by teaching the kids in school that it’s okay to talk about your religion and to have a different religion than someone else.


I think that the Face to Faith program has established a wonderful purpose.  I think that it is a wonderful program that should be spread worldwide and implemented in the schools.  I think that it is important to think about how keeping religion out of schools has shaped our viewpoint of religion.  They make a wonderful point that if we all were to know and understand different religions, maybe we would be more tolerant of them.  I think it’s a wonderful idea, but that it would be a hard thing to force all kids to do.  Making all of the kids participate could cause some issues among parents.  Truly looking into how we can fit a little bit of religion into schools is a great point in this article.  I think that the idea and morals behind Face to Faith is an idea worth looking at.



I couldn't agree with you more! Face to Faith really seems like they are on to something revolutionary and inspiring. Growing when I would come home frustrated with the way someone acted towards me in school my parents always made me think/question why an individual would act that way. I found that I had much more tolerance for the individual's behavior. Not only did I have tolerance but when I saw my friends getting frustrated just as I had, I would explain to them what my parents had and it seemed to help them as well. Being able to understand a persons background and reasoning is crucial to an accepting environment. Face to Faith is an incredible program for recognizing just informing and educating children will help decrease intolerance and prejudice. Your article is great in explaining Face to Faith and the reasoning behind their goals. If you were to back up the section in the article with results and feedback from the program operating in 400 schools it would help explain the possible impact Face to Faith could have if the program spread.

Contrary to what most people may think, I completely agree with your point of view. Above all, I am glade that there are still people who think like you. On the other hand, the government of Quebec, as they think now and as they are trying to become a lay government. They will never let this idea of enter their system
I would like to add an argument that people who are oriented to religions also are less brought to do discourage acts. According to a study from Baylor University, a Baptist institution. Feel free to consult the attached link. I am entirely agree that studying religions helps out to be opened to new ideas. It also helps to get to know other cultures and to deal with people from different backgrounds. If this concept is applied everywhere. Thus students become more understanding to each other. Therefore, the communication is easiest, so less war and so on.

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I decided to read your summary ‘’Religion brought into school’’ because the title automatically attracted me. In Quebec’s society the popular movement seems to be the total opposite. What I mean by that is a will of being more protective about our rights and nationality. By example, if you would like to work for the provincial government, in a public function, you have to follow the Charter of Quebec values banishing every type of religious symbols such as a cross or a niqab.
Why is the main reason to apply this charter? It is to enhance the lay character of the society.
I believe the goal of being a neutral society will never be achieved this way. Religion is brought into school as a kind of issue with a lot of incomprehension. Bad propagation is often propagated by the Medias.

I think this program is the real solution. Help people to learn different types of religions is a great idea. There would be less incomprehension and less prejudice about it. The major disavantage would be that many parents would not really like that a school program do the religious education of their own children instead of them... But on the other hand, this program could be institute in high-school. Parents should be more open about Face to faith at this age and the goal to get a tolerant society would be reachable.

I think you article is interesting. It concerns everybody and we should all take a minute to think about how incorporation religion in classes could help change things. Face to Faith seems to have great idea and it's a good solution to stop the discrimination between the religions. Understanding why and other religion does something different than our religion could prevent issues between the two religions. It's an organization everybody should be aware of and it should be apply in more schools.

I had no idea that there was even such a thing as this Face to Faith organization. I think they have a good idea, and I can see how a lot of people would support this. I went to a Private Catholic High school, so I have been through many religion classes. Not only did they teach us about Christianity, but they also added in a select few different religions around the world that we may come into contact with. These classes taught me about how to interact with people of different religions other than my own. However, this would make public schools, and some private schools very relatable to the point where there would be no point in going to a private catholic school where you would have to pay for your education when you can just go to any public school and have the same curriculum.
I also do not think that it is too big of an issue where we would have to change our whole entire public school system that every kid that goes to school needs to learn about other religions. People have been living without these classes for so many years and I do not think that this will make too much of a difference in the world. High school and middle school students also very rarely act on what they learn. I think that these kids would learn about these different religions and not even consider using these tools outside of the classroom. If the parents of the students would like their kids to learn this, then they should just send them to a Catholic (or any type of religion) school

I think as long as they teach other religions as much as they teach Christianity, this could be seen as a good thing. I went to a public school in Tennessee where there was a prayer before every football game over the entire stadium. Growing up in New York though, I'm not the most religious person, and it made me really uncomfortable. The only problem I have with teaching religion in schools is that there are so many different types and so many branches off of those types, it would be hard to teach them all equally. It would enable people to better understand other cultures, I'll say that, but I really don't see how it helps students prepare for college and their lives after.

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