Question#2 Jian Ghomeshi Overview & Analysis

by AhmedElshabory on March 17, 2017 - 2:41pm

Jian Ghomeshi is a former CBC broadcaster accused with two sexual assault cases. Jian Ghomeshi’s lawyer Ms. Henein a successful lawyer that had beat Mr. Ghomeshi’s two sexual assault cases by using evidence such as letters, and emails in trail. There was a total of three complainants two in which are protected by a publication band. The first complainant was protected by a publication band, she didn’t want to have any contact with him because she was traumatized by his actions, claiming he punched her in the face and pulled her hair. Ms. Henein confronted the first complainant with any email sent by her to Mr.Ghomeshi which included a photo of the complainant in a red bikini showing that she had reached out to him. The complainant reacted by saying the e-mails were “bait” to get Mr. Ghomeshi to contact her. The second complainant Lucy DeCoutere claims she was sexually assaulted by Mr. Ghomeshi. According to Ms. Decoutere, Mr. Ghomeshi slapped her without warning and choked her until she couldn’t breathe. Ms. Henein brought up an affectionate six-page letter sent to Mr. Ghomeshi days after the alleged assault. The complainant was left defenseless as she argued that the emails don’t change the fact she was assaulted. The third complainant not protected by a publication band claimed that her and Mr. Ghomeshi were kissing in a Toronto park when he grabbed her throat and covered her mouth without warning. Later on Ms. Henein discovered that the complainant was friends with another complainant in which they had exchanged 5,000 messages sometimes discussing strategy in pursuing charges against Mr. Ghomeshi. In Mr. Ghomeshi’s case it is clear that many of the victims didn’t have enough evidence in to back them up in order to win the case. Many cases in Canada are dismissed due to the fact that there isn’t a lot of evidence to back up sexual assault claims against men. Regardless of what men try to do to prove they are not sexual assault predators, they are easily labelled as such due to society’s bias of genders, as women are portrayed as weak, and innocent, while men, and men portrayed as strong and vicious. Women are in this case more vulnerable in being victim of sexual assault. While men are more vulnerable in being accused of committing sexual assault cases. 1 in 5 sexual assault cases in Canada are dismissed due to the fact of lack of evidence. This is not fair regarding both genders as men can be wrongfully accused of committing sexual assault, and women could have been victim of sexual assault with very little memory, and witnesses, that can stand in the way of validating her case in court. It isn’t difficult for men to be wrongfully framed for the act of sexual assault and be found guilty. The Canadian criminal justice system needs to be very careful in giving their verdicts on such cases that can ruin the lives of innocent people. 


Great article, I think you chose a very interesting and intriguing topic to write about. The Jian Ghomeshi trials made headlines in Canada and were heavily covered in the media since both Ghomeshi and Decoutere are canadian celebrities, so it's especially disappointing to find out that the defence was not convicted. Rape culture is an ever growing concern that dates back to the 1960’s. Rape Culture is the idea that the frequency of sexual assault is being underrated and that modern day media has normalized inappropriate behavior men have towards women. Often men trying to conform to the “Mam Box” can end up in these wrongful situations while trying to assert dominance, or demonstrating aggression. I believe that if men and women were not controlled by these social norms, Rape Culture and abuse towards women could be abolished, and we would see far less cases of rape and sexual assault. Attached is a video about how conforming to the man box can cause men to do things they they wouldn't normally be comfortable doing, Tony Porter shares a story from his youth that illustrates how difficult it can be for men to bend the rules of the Man Box.

Tony Porter’s Ted Talk: A Call to Men