Rwanda Genocide

by Sbrideau on February 1, 2016 - 9:21pm

Building an Outline


A.     Topic and Type of Paper/ Justification of Social Issue

The topic of this paper is the Rwanda Genocide. This paper will be analytical. It will look at the genocide and the post-traumatic stress disorder within veteran and Rwandan citizens.


The Rwandan genocide is a social issue because it attacks a particular group systematically. The social ideal is (the extreme inhumanity) and the social reality is the genocide (psychological trauma).


As result of Genocide, in the long run anyone who lived the genocide has been changed for life and suffers with a traumatic episode. This social issue has brought much awareness to these atrocities that happen in Rwanda in 1994. Indeed, the destroying of the Tutsi occurred in 100 days it is a crime against humanity (Statistics Canada, 2015). In which the UN Major-General Roméo Dallaire who was on a mission to bring peace, as result his mission failed, it had many negative outcomes towards any individual on place.(Wibben, 2008). Human brutality is the most horrific and lasting impact therefore some of the Veterans who served there have since suffered from a serious emotional disorder called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). (Statistics Canada, 2014).


B.      2-3 Major areas of interest/important questions and associated social science disciplines.

·         The major areas of interest is the poor condition that the citizen were put under from the massive human brutality and weapon used. The important question is what triggers the attack on particular group (sociology).

·         The General Romeo Dallaire services in the peacekeeping mission as his health status (psychology) after the genocide. (What solutions were raised)

·         What psychological damage were caused by the genocide ?(psychology)



C.     Who/what groups are involved in this issue?


The group involved in this issue are the Tutsi because Hutus were eliminating everyone from that community. The genocide can be looked at on an individual level of the veteran serving in the Rwanda and the effects it has the psychological level for example having “flashback” they may have from previous distress or even as a whole sociological perspective of the community.


D.    Sources:

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Your topic is so interesting! I like the psychological and the sociological way in which you look at PTSD and the fact that you include the experience of General Romeo Dallaire. I think that including the effects that the genocide had on the local population is also a very good idea. However, your questions could be more precise. Despite that, your outline is great!

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