Project - Rebranding of a Sustainable Business - The Best Hotel in Europe

by Best Hotel in Europe on November 30, 2017 - 11:03am

We are students in the Hotel and Restaurant Management Program at College Lafleche. Throughout our course  "Business English 2" we have completed 3 professional workshops wherein we evaluated real businesses and then came up with real suggestions and solutions which we might offer them if they were our clients.

For this 4th workshop, our task was to evaluate the Best Hotel in Europe, which is a not-for-profit sanctuary for refugees which operates in Greece.  This refuge is situated in an old hotel which had been abandoned, and we were excited to work on this project because They are doing great work for the international community, but with the right partners, they could do even more!

Our task was to research the company and produce the following documents:

1.    A rebranding package: logo, mission statement, slogan(s) and anything else that you may think useful.
2.    A list of potential parent companies and a brief description of why they may be interested, and in which capacity they may be interested (buy/sponsor/partner).  This part must be as realistic as possible and include real statistics and facts.
3.    A SWOT analysis for 1 of those potential partners
4.    A slideshow that presents the basic concept, key details, and major advantages which will incentivize the parent company to buy/sponsor/partner with your charitable client.
5.    A second slideshow which illustrates the improvements, upgrades, technology, new concepts, new product offerings that the investor can make possible.  

Here is our work so far:










Very interesting concept! I think that if more people invested theit time and resources into projects like this, the world would be a much better place. Thanks for sharing!