Open Letter to the mayor of Cincinnati

by Alyson Gauthier on November 26, 2017 - 12:44pm

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October 12th, 2017

John Cranley
Mc Farland St.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Subject: Unsustainable problem

Dear Mister Cranley,

Cincinnati has a big culture to offer to the visitors and he is very developed. They have many museums, festivals or historic architecture to visit for the population and the tourists, but this city has a major problem. Cincinnati is very unsustainable place compared other cities like San Francisco or Seattle who are the most sustainable. I want to make you set conscious of the risks which he can be experienced du to these problems.

We can see that the means of transportation are not really developed. Also, the subway is incomplete and that does not allow people to visit all of Cincinnati. From other means of transport will be great like a place that rents bicycles or just finish the subway. The reason why the city is infamous is because of the dangerous crimes like the murders or the robberies. These crimes frighten the tourists and generally this a reason they don’t really have tourists. We can find a lot of industries who makes a lot of pollution. Cincinnati uses a little bit of a green energy like the green roof, solar and geothermal sources, but it will be good if you find a solution for the pollution. 

I suggest you to take the example of San Francisco and Seattle to develop a sustainable way. To educate people about the consequences would be a good thing.



Alyson Gauthier (signature)
Tourism Student
Collège Laflèche