by MS2013 on December 11, 2013 - 12:37pm


There are many problems in our world today, whether it is wars, health issues, poverty, etc. and as the world becomes more of a modern place, everyone does what they can to help the community and their surroundings. In Brazil there is a town called Rio, some people may know it from video games, movies, or even the news. Rio is a very small city, where poverty is a huge issue. But surprisingly, poverty is not the biggest issue. The biggest issue in Rio’s community today is the drug trafficking and gangs. The gang members are the ones that are involved with the drug trafficking that go on in Rio.

The term drug trafficking is when people around the city are involved with drugs in different ways. Anywhere from transporting the drugs somewhere, to even smoking them. So, Rio’s enforcements decided to put a stop to these types of illegal events, and will set up more and more enforcement bases to keep the streets of Rio safe. In my personal opinion, I dislike the fact that the enforcements are only getting involved now, because it is at a point where we are very unsure if things will ever be “drug free”. It’s become such a large case in Rio that I personally don’t see it ever clearing up. Back to the question “why now”, personally I am disappointed that Rio enforcements would only want to step in now that they have been elected for the World Cup, and the Olympics. That tells us that they truly don’t care about their community, but they just want the surroundings to be ok for the Olympics and World Cup, which is very low of them.

While these re-enforcements are talking place, who knows what can occur. After reading the article, there was an incident where an officer killed nine civilians in a shot off with some other gang members. So while these officers say they are “trying to keep the streets safe”, they are killing the people they’d want to keep it safe for. It is obviously not on purpose, but if you are going to take the responsibility to try and keep the streets safe, you have to be better then killing nine civilians “by accident”.

At the end of the day, it is still an improvement from earlier years, whether they are doing for the World Cup and the Olympics, or truly for the civilians. However, another problem that should be FIFA and the Olympics Committee for even deciding to have these events held there knowing what kind of state the city is in. having these large events there will bring thousands of tourists and other foreign people to these countries to watch these events, but if the city is not safe, then these people will be put in danger, for no reason at all. All this goes to say that it is a good thing that they are finally cleaning up around the city, however they should have done it awhile ago.

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