Pacification in Brazil

by lmullan2013 on December 11, 2013 - 12:35pm


Drug traffickers have been in control over the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the past several years. However, just recently, the government has finally decided to take control over this and has sent the city’s police to get rid of all of these drug traffickers. The purpose of this is to help clean up the favelas because they have been going downhill for quite a long time now.

Since the World Cup is going to be held in Brazil in 2014, they don’t want the whole world to see that the favelas in the city are not being taken care of; therefore they are trying to take control. The Rio state governor, Sergio Cabral, said the authorities would spend £140m to help improve the living conditions in Rio de Janeiro. I think that the reasoning for this is because the conditions in this city were so horrifying that no one should be living in such a place, or even have to look at it.



The government and police didn’t warn the favelas that the city’s police were going to show up because this would give them a chance to plan setups. In my opinion, I think that it is a good thing that the people living in the favelas were not warned because this would give the drug traffickers a chance to hide their supplies, or even worse, run away and escape the situations of which they have to face. I also think that the city’s police showing up at the favelas are a good thing because they will really benefit from it in the long-term.

Just recently, my class and I watched a documentary on the issues that are happening in Brazil. We saw that the people living there were living in horrible conditions, and no one should have to be going through that. It also showed us several details on what the police were doing with these drug lords. Instead of just getting them out of those areas, the police were killing these traffickers. Even thought selling drugs is illegal, especially cocaine, however I don’t think that these people should be killed for this. They should definitely have some sort of consequence, however I don’t think that death is the answer for a situation like this.

As a result, I think that in the long-term this will be very beneficial because people will soon begin to understand that this is wrong and they shouldn’t be doing this. However, at the same time, I think that this will also not do anything. I feel like it will last until the end of the Olympic Games, and then things will be going back to normal. The main reason why all of this is happening now is because the World Cup is being held in Brazil in 2014, and the Olympic Games are also being held there in 2016.



First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the quality of your article. Through your post, I have learned more about the living conditions in the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. For my part, I have recently wrote an article about the prison conditions in three very different areas around the world (the North of Quebec, Israel and Cameroon). Throughout the research process I learned that poorer are the areas, harsher are the prison conditions. I believe that our posts can be linked because the both groups of people, that we are writing about in our respective articles, are living in horrible conditions. Yours live in favelas, which we know that are problematic areas and mine live in prisons where the conditions are disastrous.
Moreover, I can agree with you that drug traffickers should not be killed for selling drugs. As you said, death is not the right way to resolve this type of crime. Instead, these drug lords should be sent in prison (and if the members of the government really want to punish them, they should send them in prisons similar to those that I have talked in my article).

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