This Needs To Stop

by MS2013 on February 26, 2014 - 1:12pm




(By: MS2013)

Gay rights is something that people agree, and disagree on daily. Thousands of debates and arguments over gay rights are held on a daily. Some states have zero problems with gay rights, and believe that what ever makes you happy is the best way to keep people feeling comfortable. However, some states believe that people with same-sex affection, are lower then the normal person. This is wrong on many different levels and needs to come to a stop.


Uganda is a small nation in Eastern-Africa that deals with the debate on gay rights daily for the past couple years. Very recently they have passed the law that any gay person living in Uganda will be sentenced to life in person. Originally they were trying to achieve the power to sentence anyone who was gay, to the death penalty. However, this law was not passed, as it was “overboard” and not realistic. Now that the law to gays has been set in place, thousands of gay people may try to escape now that this law has been put in place. I believe that this law is very wrong and should be removed from there country. I believe everyone has the right to be how he or she wants to be, and live how he or she wants to live. If people cannot accept you that’s not your fault, but under no circumstances should a law be passed against these people. I truly believe Uganda has made a mistake that they have yet to realise. For all of us here at New Center 4, I’m Ron Burgundy, you stay classy San Diego.

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