Human Equality

by js1997 on September 5, 2014 - 7:47pm

Face it. Men are generally seen as stronger humans. The question is, why? Why are women seen as the weaker sex? I just watched a movie, called 'Missrepresented', which basically means that women are seen the wrong way. I was shocked, terrified! Male news broadcasters are litterally insulting women on LIVE television, I don't understand. I'm a guy, and I know there are a lot, I mean a lot of girls that are smarter than me, even possibly physically stronger, and I accept that 100%, but to see other men not accepting womens intelligence, knowledge, point of view!! It's ridiculous! Just the other day at work, I work in a breakfast restaurant, my boss is looking for another main chef full-time! A women comes in just before closing time, and hands in her cv, I somehow manged to see it, I don't know why haha, but she had 11 years experience working as a chef for another breakfast restaurant. My boss told her '" C'est bon, je vais te rappeler""... The day after, a male walks in, brings his resume to my boss, two years experience at a restaurant that just serves lunch or supper, I just learned today that he is starting on monday! It's insane how women are seen with such less knowledge, my boss didnt even bother giving her an interview, I don't know but I kinda find that a bit disrespectful? I believe that everyone deserves a chance, men can chase any dream or desire and so do women, I will always believe in human equality, we just have to learn to respect one another, and that doesnt mean you have to personally like the person! What do you guys think? Here's a link that talks more about human equality!

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