Sex in Ads

by caatgatti on September 11, 2014 - 11:33pm

            If we look around ourselves, we will notice the negative images the media advertises.  While watching television, while passing by a billboard on the street, while surfing the Internet and while flipping through a simple magazine, we see how media sells sex in advertisements. 


            In these ads, women usually have the “perfect” body and play a submissive role.  The same rule applies for the men; they are usually built and play a more dominant role.  If we use clothing advertisements for instance, showing a picture of the clothes alone would be relatively boring.  Which is why most of them use half naked, attractive men and women in order to attract the audience.  Unfortunately, ads like these attract easy influenced audience such as children and young adolescences.  This is a big issue because it makes people feel like they are not good enough.  It leads to lower self-esteem, eating disorders, etc.   The underlying message is to sell the clothes, although what message is this sending the young people of our generation and the generations to come?  It is showing us that women and men must look a certain way and play specific roles in life.  It is nearly impossible to just ignore the ads we see, but we have to change our state of mind and not look up to them as an example of who we should be.




I completely agree with you and was interested by the tittle you gave your post. It is true that in many ads we see women and men portrayed in very stereotypical ways. As you said most women are portrayed as inferior, serving the men or even seducing the men while on the other hand the men is strong and unmoving. I find the image that it creates false and, as you said, a bad “role model” for those who see them. This can also be compared to racism since in many movies or even ads, certain races are always shown in a very stereotypical ways. An example can even be seen in the Koodo advertisement where its mascot is a kind of Hispanic fighter. Even in this advertisement since he is a man he is portrayed as strong, help full, the one to help women and so on. As for the stereotype about Hispanics, he is macho, likes to have fun and party, has a strong accent and so on. Other examples can be seen everywhere where a certain race is seen exactly like one would if only relying on the stereotypes and racist views on that race. It will be hard to get rid of these stereotypes but one of the best ways would be for the parents and educators to teach children that it is not necessarily that way that reality is. Unfortunately for now that is all one can do but in the end it might make a great difference.

What captivated me was the title since I knew it could be easily discussed. I agree with you when you discuss the fact that men are shown as more dominant. This represents the stereotypical gender roles that men and women are supposed to fit in to in society. What they're supposed to look like as well. This idea could also link to racism. As I once saw in class, there was a Sports Illustrated magazine that one year did a theme based on different countries around the world. The swimsuit models would be dressed in clothing that the people of that country "supposedly" wear and using certain props that are supposed to represent their culture. This represented many stereotypes amongst the people of that country and portrayed them in a horrible manner. The photo link below, provides an idea of what the magazine was going for. This photo was supposed to represent a tribe in Africa. As we can see, the magazine uses props and barely there clothing to represent the tribe. Some people would say that it was meant to make them look barbaric. This is sending the audience stereotypical ideas of these "races." But as we can see, magazines are more worried about the money than the criticism they will receive.

Good morning caatgatti,
I must admit that this article is pretty relevant to the phenomenon that us young girls are suffering for the cause of wanting to look like the barbie doll; the same image we see on adds everywhere we go, everywhere we see. I completely agree with your post because it focus on the damage that sexualized marketing can make to easy influenced people. I also believe that most of the marketing out there is only focusing on the beauty that a white Caucasian girl or boy can offer to the world regardless of the opinion of other races and making an invisible statement of ''white beauty'' being the superior and the most attractive one. The image of white supremacy is also illustrated on multiples Disney movies like snow white, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid Sleeping Beauty and The Beauty and The Beast; the classic Disney movies are all skinny white Caucasian girls. However, even if the influence of white supremacy and super skinny image still very relevant today the marketing world is making efforts on changing the massif crisis they have caused by engaging different models like Winnie Harlow, a model that have an important skin disease all over he body and face. In conclusion, I completely agree with your opinion of how negative the adds can be on young generations and I also believe that the image of beauty cannot be only restrict to the physical image of a person.

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