Men have it harder ?

by MackShakeem on October 22, 2014 - 10:55pm

Men have it harder?

  For years we've given men this title of being the superior sex and being, which must perform a certain way just to be accepted as a man. The downfall of such is that expressing yourself in a way that isn't considered strong and aggressive will have other men and some women calling you feminine or not an ideal man, fitting into the “man-box”. It seems as though society encourages men to take on more responsibilities that are generally stamped as a women’s work and everyday tasks but when done society isn’t exactly comfortable with it, contradicting everything they try to impose. Men nowadays are unsure and have a hard time dealing with being a modern man because they are forced to still be aggressive and hyper sexual. We see in modern pop culture both sides of men either soft and sensitive or strong and violent, women complicate this by asking for a good man that’s pure and caring but in the same breath robust and combative. No matter what it may be men are stuck trying to perform what real men are supposed to be.

On the outside, physically, it is also seen that muscular bodies and going the extra mile to keep up with it is also what a man should inhabit. Men are pushing themselves because of what for decades the outer has been glorified and viewed as it being the ideal man. Male figures wherever they might be whether it is your father, coach or at school, are trying to mold you as what they themselves have been told what being a man is all about. I think to resolve this issue that we as people try not to impose any rules on how men and let whatever form and characteristics that men carry.


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