Men feel the pressure to look perfect too.

by Bloomer Duckling on September 11, 2014 - 2:46pm

After watching the movie ‘Miss Representation’, a friend and I started a discussion about the media’s effect on women and how it ends up affecting both genders negatively. While women are constantly under the pressure to look a certain way, my friend made the point that men are under that same pressure. While I argued that I was focusing more on the physical and superficial aspects of this negative effect, my friend once again pointed out that men had the same pressures too.  Walking through the downtown area of St. Catherine Street in Montreal, where advertisements of ‘attractive’ models of both genders are at an easy availability, I was reminded that she had a point.

Even though male models also have a strict standard to hold up to, it seems that one tends to overlook the pressures put on men by the advertising and modeling industry and even the sports industry.  While both genders are subjected to images that urge them to look a certain way, one doesn’t hear about the low self- esteem of men as much as you hear about that of women’s. How do men feel and react when they are constantly being subjected to a toned, muscular man in movies, television shows, advertising billboards, and even on their boxer and briefs packages? Studies have shown that more men are developing eating disorders now than they were before.  

Women and men have this unneeded image of how they are supposed to look forced on them and it’s important to remember that both genders, not only one, are told how to be ‘perfect’; remembering this presents this issue from a viewpoint that can reach a wider audience, that audience being men and women, essentially everyone. It’s important to see that everybody is affected by this and that we should start becoming more consciously aware of what we are influenced by so that we can stop unnecessarily harming ourselves.

If you want to learn more about how men feel the pressure, check out this link, which talks all about it.

To read more about the studies showing an increase in male eating disorders, check out this one.


We found the title intriguing and were interested in reading your arguments. We do agree with post, as we find that men are subjugated to pressure regarding their image. The undertone of identity stereotypes that is transmitted through media regarding gender can also be related to how racial stereotypes are portrayed. Stereotypes relating to the way racial groups are portrayed within the media are transmitted subtly. For example, when Africa is shown, we usually see black African tribesman with spears and little clothing. Have you ever thought that women or men of certain ethnic groups are more affected than others?


The title caught my eyes right away. I knew I had to agree with what you had to say. Because I find that people don't pay enough attention to men. Men have to go through labels too. This issue is still not settled because we hear it everyday.

I always hear my guy friends saying, ''I'm going to the gym to get abs, or get muscles''. It seems to be a thing going around to look a certain way. I understand that they want to look good for themselves too, but some exaggerate and go overboard. I find that these labels that people have put for us is disruptive for the young people for nowadays. We teach our kids to look a certain way and to have these expectations set high. It's dangerous, some men go out of their way to look the way that we tell them to stay. Furthermore, it's not all the man's fault, I hear women only going for men with ''abs'' and the sexy perfections. I feel like it's the homework of women to stop being so judgmental towards the looks of guys.
I hear it everywhere, ''oh he's so sexy'', '' I would marry him , he's gorgeous'', I do agree with what they say. But it's really destroying other younger male.
Those men that don't have enough confidence, look at these judgements, and tell themselves that they're not good enough. Don't get me wrong male bodies that are taken care of are very good looking,but I feel guilty about it each time I only look at these ''perfect'' bodies.

Like you said, media doesn't improve the thought of people, because we see it everywhere. Billboards of almost half naked men with all these toned muscles, where all the body has been Photoshopped and redone to look perfect. I would love to put a standing point for this, but our society is way to advanced to do anything about it now. Even if we tried to remove these billboards and all the things that have been put through society, there's no going back. Myself , I love the guys with good looking bodies, and tell myself, I would love to be like him.

I understand that it's still not a problem that is settled, I would hope in the future that it would be. This is probably one of the biggest trigger for the younger male viewers to look ''good''.

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