Men and the unspeakable acts

by MeowMix on October 22, 2014 - 8:39pm

When it comes to violence, there are many questions asked. But one that is never fully questioned is why men are the ones committing most of these acts.

 As it has been mentioned, we are brought up a certain way through how the public sees fit in which gender.  Women are brought up allowed to show emotions, allowed to be ‘clingy’ towards their parents. However, boys are told to ‘toughen up’, to stop crying that it is not accepted and to ‘be the man’. Why is this socially accepted? Have people not realized emotions need to be tended to or there will be severe consequences. Yet we are still turning a blind eye to what is shown in front of us. There have been many mass shootings all but one were men, multiple victims that were gunned down were that of men by men, and most abuse cases are done by men.

Why has it not been made a world wide issue, that should be dealt with rather than supressed.  It goes hands in hands with the film ‘Miss representation’ where there are several issues that have been made aware yet people are still continuing with their daily lives without taking such a care towards this. We have created a life style of believing the next person will help rather than ourselves, because most of us do not want to become involved. Many will walk by a woman who is being raped because they are either afraid or do not want to put themselves in such a position, and we have allowed are lives to become this way. We have allowed young boys to believe its okay to only show anger rather than love, that it is okay to hit one an other as long as you had the harder hit, and that it is okay to put down women because that is their place.

Yet we have not shown that men should have compassion,  that they are exactly as women who are loving, and that is what is missing.

A great article that touches upon what i've mentioned is:

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