The man box

by You on October 23, 2014 - 10:49pm

       What is a real man? Is it a strong man, rich man, or a successful man? The answer is the man who is violent, sexual, powerful, and emotionless. The real man must fit all the rules of the “man box”. In the American’s culture, men should follow the rules of the “man box”. Does the “man box” really help men? They thought this is only way being a real man. However, I think there are some different ways to be a real man, and the man box is negative effect to man. This is because of the pressure from the “man box”. Generally speaking, men are strong, rational, and confident; with the demands of the “man box”, men could improve themselves. In some cases, some men are weak, emotional, and no confident.  For them, the “man box” is a negative effect instead of positive encouragement, and even could become a reason of suicide. Through the fact of the society, “male suicide rate in UK discovered to be 3 ½ times that of women. That fact proves that once a man find he is out of the “man box”, he is afraid of hear comments of “pussy, a girl, loser, and fag.  He would choose the easiest way to take out the pressure, which is to suicide. In conclusion, the “man box” is not great rules to educate the young boy, it has positive and negative both effects. 





To begin, at first, scrolling through these articles, not a single one caught my attention. Luckily, I stumbled upon one entitled ‘’The Man Box.’’ This article caught my eye because I remember watching a video in class about this particular man box that society created for men. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to read your perception of the box and to compare it with mine in order to grasp the differences. After reading your critique, there are definitely some points I would agree and disagree with. First, on one hand, I agree with your point of view when you state that the man box has an extremely negative impact on men. It gives them this immense box, filled to it’s maximum capacity with a bunch of criterions/rules they must follow in order to be perceived as ‘’real’’ men. This puts men under a great amount of pressure, which could have negative impacts on their lives. For example, a high level of anxiety, depression, fear etc. In my opinion, I believe the man box is a new form of racism. The notion behind the ideal and perfect man have become embedded in today’s society. For some, being strong and emotionless is the way a man must be. The man box has subtly become so significant in some individuals daily life that they do not realize that the person they are trying to become is to satisfy society. The characteristics of a man box are also present in multiple movies. For example, in numerous movies, the hero is usually a man and he is very different than others. He is usually more attractive, stronger and muscular. The movies indirectly demonstrate that in order to be a hero and to be appreciated by women, they must have these manly characteristics. On the other hand, I do not agree with your point of view when you state that men are generally strong and confident. I do not believe this is true because in most cases men pretend to be strong. In other words, they do not show their true colors because they fear that people will look down upon them (weaker). Also, I do not think the man box allows men to improve themselves. In my point of view, this box is forcing them to change certain characteristics about themselves when maybe those changes are not necessary. It is indirectly ‘’forcing’’ and influencing them to alter their personalities just to live up to societies (the man box) standards. Plus, you mentioned that the suicide rate for men is higher, but I do not believe that it is because of the man box, because just like men have high standards, so do women. Therefore, there must be other influential factors which increased the male suicide rate because women are equally at risk. To conclude, combining the concept of the man box to race and racism, do you believe black men (minority), due to the added stereotypes and prejudice revolving their race, have more pressure to be a ‘’ good and perfect’’ man?

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