Man Up

by fcb10 on October 23, 2014 - 5:01pm

For centuries, men have had multiple expectations to live up to. Whether it be to be chivalrous, be the one with steady income, or even be the ones to engage with a woman rather than the opposite. In society, men shouldn't show signs of weakness, fear, or sadness without being called weak or soft. We are also human, we experience the same feelings, thoughts, and emotions as women do, yet we are the ones who must hide them and "man up" ? In this day and age, people have the right to express themselves however they want, and this is why this issue needs to be addressed. The portrayal of men in media is also extremely generalized.  All men seen on tv are shown as being tough guys with guns who beat each other up and show no signs of weakness. This issue needs to be addressed because the truth is, every person is different, whether you're male, female, straight or gay, and no one should succumb to the generalization of societal norms. 


I chose this post to comment on because of the title. It was interesting and gave me a glimpse of what the article might talk about. I knew from reading it that it would talk about gendered stereotypes related to men, and it intrigued me because of the recent discussion we have had in class related to the subject.

First off, I completely agree with you. Men are forced to hide so many of their emotions when they shouldn’t have to. I learned in my psychology class that many men suffered mental illnesses and could not even discuss it or admit to it because they feared being “weak” in society’s eyes. It’s sad to think that men have to act a certain way to be seen “manly” when they should just be themselves. Whether a man is soft hearted, does not play sports or loves wearing pink, it should not define how much of a man he is. What makes a man anyway? And what makes a woman, a woman? In the end, we’re all humans and we’re all completely different and unique in our own ways.

Although this post mostly focused on men, I also wanted to clarify that women do not have it any easier on their side. Till this day, they are still expected to be completely organized, presentable and mature when it comes to most things. On the days where they are upset, they get told that they’re on their “time of the month”. Gender stereotypes are completely ridiculous but they are like racial stereotypes- extremely hard to get rid of. No matter what, they will always be present in society. The best way to get rid of them is to learn to accept it without sweeping it underneath the rug. Similar to racism, gender is also a touchy subject in society that raises many questions and debates all around the world.

I know that gender stereotypes should disappear from society but don’t we all contribute to it in one way or another in most cases? I mean when men are afraid of being “weak”, they choose to hide their emotions all on their own. They are not forced to do so. As such, doesn’t it mean we’re all somehow contributing to gender expectations?

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