The Hidden Face of Men

by leila on October 22, 2014 - 8:59pm

Gender plays a very important role in the heart of a society. Depending which gender you belong to, certain characteristics are associated to that gender and people belonging to that group of people are expected to possess those traits. Men are expected to be powerful, muscular, violent, sexually active and abusive of women. If one does not possess any of those attributes, they are not considered to be real men and are excluded from the “man box”, which is a code of conduct for men, as well as rejected by the society. Having to measure up to unrealistic demands, causes men to feel a lot of pressure because they are incapable of meeting the expectations society has imposed on them. The feeling of failure could cause men to develop mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety that could lead to violence. Not being capable of showing any emotions means that those emotions have to be piled up in ones mind. By never talking about their feelings, it can cause a certain anger that could turn into violent actions projected towards other people, but it could also result into violence against themselves. Suicide is an option many men take in order to get rid of all the pain and pressure they have to live with instead of talking about it.

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