Feminism & Me

by eyesopened on October 22, 2014 - 9:31pm

I strongly identify with what I've learned about third wave feminism. I don't know if I'd go so far as to call myself a feminist because I hate labels but I do share alot of the same beliefs. I feel that rape culture exist. I don't think that a guy will watch a movie then go rape a woman, nohting in life is that simple. I do believe however that if you are consistently viewing men being violent towards women verbally, sexually, physically and psychologically as a man you will eventually get used to it and think of that behaviour as normal. I strongly believe that the media directly contributes to these violent images. It can't be ignored that violence has increased in the media over the years and so has aggression and violence as a whole, especially against women. I also believe in sexual equality and freedom for women. I embrace my sexuality and feminity. I love walking around in my sweat pants and sneakers as much as I love slipping into a little sexy dress to hit the town. I hate that a man is considered the man when he has had many sexual conquest but a woman would be labelled a slut or a whore. I don't see anything wrong with a man helping out around the house, taking care of HIS kids or cooking and I don't see how that would make him less of a man. Quite the opposite it takes a real man to not be what society considers a real man. 





I decided to comment on this particular post because I have recently found myself interested in the topic of feminism and I wanted to see what your views on it were. However, after reading your post I was exceptionally happy because not only did we have similar views but I was able to connect this post to what the material I'm covering in my Race and Racism course. I agree that constantly being labeled is completely repulsive. I despise the fact that men are able to look at a women as sexual objects and not be shamed for it. As I continued reading your post I found myself connecting your thoughts to race and racism. You kept mentioning the word "label" which make me think of all the labels put on non-white people. African Americans, Native Americans, Muslims and so many other ethnicities are labeled everyday. African Americans are often labeled as thieves, criminals and ghetto. Native Americans are constantly labeled as spiritual, Indians, and alcoholics. Muslims get repeatedly labeled as terrorists and bombers. Then I started thinking about all the labels put on non-white females. Not only are they labeled because of their gender, but also for their ethnicity. This really got me thinking. Imagine living in a world where you're shamed for everything about you. We should be living in a world where we praise one another for being different; we shouldn't be putting them down. Why would we all want to be the same?

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