Entertainment is violence

by ronayam on October 23, 2014 - 8:00pm

Video games and film industries become educational institution for young boys to teach violence in North America. Almost every year mass shootings make news headline in America.

 Girls are influenced by sexiness and beauty of Hollywood movie stars while boys imitate the violent behaviours of the video games and movies characters in their real life. We introduce violence to boys at very young age through movies like American movie “Kung Fu Panda” in which characters are fun for kids to watch, but in the mean time they are exposed to violence situations.

If we compare America to a under developed country for example Afghanistan violence like mass shouting the cases are rare in Afghanistan because the accessibility of  internet or video games and movies  are not as high for people as it is for America  . I am not saying that the violence related to boys is low in Afghanistan, but at least the gun murders or mass shootings are very low comparing to America

According to experts, mental illness leads to mass shouting or  gun murder, but the question is why the number of mental illness of children is so high in America that every year young boys commit such violence?

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I have a few issues with your post. First, your assertion that young boys are the predominant video game player is incorrect. According to the Entertainment Software Association, the average age of a gamer is 31, only 29% of all gamers are under 18. Additionally, on gender lines 52% are male, while 48% are female. I happen to be one of those 48% of female gamers. As someone who has played video games since I was a young kid, and now is in their late 40s I can say that I never once had the urge to shoot anyone. Secondly, mental illness does not cause gun violence nor mass shootings. While some individuals who have mental illness may commit these types of crimes. Saying mental illness causes such crimes is saying anyone with a mental illness might act in such a way. With a close member of my family being diagnosed with a mental illness I can know that is not true. Additionally, I have known many mentally ill individuals, none of whom would shoot anyone. Mental illness comes in all forms. It can be depression, or anxiety to more severe types such as schizophrenia. To say mental illness causes mass shooting and gun violence, is to further stigmatize those individuals who already suffer on a daily basis.

First, I would like to thank you for proving your opinion. I am a criminal justice major in school right now where we discuss video game violence in coloration to mass shootings. I also love the entertainment world, so your headline got my attention right away. Second, I would like to discuss some points you made in your post. The first statement you made (sentence two) is true. Although, what I think you are trying to say is that the mass shootings are die to video games and the film industry, which is an inaccurate statement. That part would be false because vast majorities of the mass shootings that occur are due to mental illnesses. Yes there are a lot of mental illnesses in America, but it does not mean that video games and the film industry are the ones to blame for that. I would like to know the source you used for you ‘experts’ just to read it and see what the article has to offer. Another statement you made about introducing youth to violence so young is hindering them. When I was a child, my parents taught me that Television and movies are for entertainment value, and therefore you do not go out and do the violent acts that are portrayed in them. Also, my family taught me morals and ethics that had me learn right from wrong and sometimes children are not taught those things. Some families do not get that type of care that I did. Another factor based on my life would be that I did grow up very sheltered, which can affect the views I have on life and I was not exposed to violent acts and behavior in my community when I was younger. My family does not even watch the news because it tends to only focus on the negative in the world. If children do not get the attention and care they deserve then it is possible for them to grow up not knowing right from wrong and can go on to display violent behavior and act upon it. I think researching your topic more and having some statistics about the information you are providing would help back up your reasoning. Maybe even looking up the opposing view side of your topic would be beneficial because then you could have already provided a counter argument.

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