Emasculation, what are we with out it?

by bojack horseman on October 22, 2014 - 8:45pm

            The movie “Tough Guise 2” suggests that we live in a rape culture based on the violence men dish out on others to conform to the “Man Box” (a term we use to describe the way men police other men to act “manly”). In this movie there is what I call radical males that suggest that women take away what it means to be a man and replace it with “girly feelings”. This brings a whole new question to what it means to be a man if one is in touch with his feelings. These radical males suggest that men are supposed to be tough, emotionless, and rugged masters of their world around them. By creating this falsehood of what it means to be a man we not only objectify ourselves as just beasts and but women as these things meant to be controlled. It projects this idea that men must never let their guard down. Maybe at sometime at some point in life this was a useful trait to be rugged and fit for all that which nature burdens us but in todays society it just seems foolish. Today, you are scrutinized because you think a puppy’s cute, because you have emotions and feelings instead of trying to act like a stoic drone. If men are truly becoming emasculated that I say by all means let it happen because by God that puppy’s cute. Life is too short to live inside a box, so, why should you?

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