Basketball Is For Everyone

by Jc17 on October 22, 2014 - 9:21pm



                       Basketball is a very physical game. There’s a lot of pushing, bumping, and even fighting. I know some of us think that basketball is a Men’s sports; they think that women can’t play a physical basketball because they’re women. When I was still a kid, I thought that basketball is only for men. I remember my team had a tune-up game against the women’s basketball team. At first I was like “what?! We’re going play against girls?! Seriously?!” And I remember before the game I told my coach that I’m not going to play. But in second half I saw the women’s are good basketball players. They we’re up by 15 against us. So I decided to talk to my coach told him that I want to play. We still manage to win even though they we’re up in the 2nd half. On that day, Girls own my respect and after that game I always try to watch the WNBA (Women National Basketball Association) and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). Well, WNBA is not that intense like the NBA. NBA has more highlights and nice moves that WNBA but all I can say is Girls are good in basketball.


In conclusion, this topic about Masculinity and sports are getting viral. I mean we should treat each other equally. if we can play basketball, of course girls can play too. There is no gender inequality in sports. it doesn’t matter if you’re A Men, Women, or in any gender are you. As long as you have the passion and love for the game. As what Kevin Durant said “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard” (Kevin Durant). If you really love the games just put a lot of hard work and do all the best that you can to achieve your dreams.


This article may help to figured out what is the difference between Men and Women’s Basketball:



I agree with this post, the author is right. As a women and a basketball player, I can certainly approve this. I remember when I was in elementary school, boys in my class were saying that girls couldn't ball. I decided to prove them wrong and tryout for the basketball team and fortunately, I got in the team. I was so proud of my self that I decided to continue because I liked it. I was part of the basketball team in high school as well. Then, I played with Dawson community blues and the tornades of Longueuil. After that, some colleges wanted to recrute me. Many coaches liked how I was playing. I finally decided to join the women basketball div 1 of champlain college.
Some people still believe that girls cannot play basketball. Even if NBA has more skills and more highlights than WNBA, women are able to play basketball very well. I'm the living proof.

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