'' Act Like a Man"

by 03102012 on October 23, 2014 - 11:40pm

                                                "Act like a man"

You have to act like a man, man up, stop being such a pussy and be a man...What is a man? Apparently, being a man is being powerful, strong, tough, in control, heartless, a player, highly sexual and so on. We called this the "man box". The "man box" is a box with everything a man should be. We live in a generation where women have to be this and men have to be that, as if, as we grow up, we have a picture in our heads of what we should look like and should be. Society shouldn't tell us who we are, we're all different in our own way for a reason. If every man act like they're "supposed" to be, how can we be different and distinguish ourselves? We can't. Men should be sensible, sweet and caring and not the opposite, it shouldn't be anomalous to have feelings and be sad, we're humans. I saw a video on TED  talking about the "man box" and the video truly affected me because men can't be the person they wish they could be and boys are expected to be a man at 10 years old. We should be who we want to be without worrying about what people say, we don't live for people's eyes. For me, a real man isn't the man who will beat people, be heartless and act tough but rather a man that will show feelings, be caring and won't mind of what people say. A real man, is a free man.



I was intrigued by your post because everytime I hear the phrase "act like a man," I ask myself what it means to be a man, what defines a man, and I was curious to see what you had to say about this. First of all, as a girl, I find it kind of insulting to women when people say to "act like a man" if you define a man as strong and powerful and brave, as if women cannot be any of those things. Secondly, I find it sad that men find themselves forced to fit the "man box" because I think it limits their personalities and limits how true to themselves they actually are. Furthermore, I think that a lot of qualities are left out of the "man box". For instance, men seem to believe that crying is a sign of weakness, however I think that to women, a man who cries in front of people is a man who is confidant and is not afraid to show his emotions. This being said, in class we saw that there is no specific definition of race, because races can vary in so many ways depending on what characteristics you base yourself to separate people into different races. I think it's the same thing with the definition of man and woman. Apart from the biological definitions of these terms, is there a specific definition of what a man or a woman is? If a man cries while watching a movie, is he not a man anymore? If a woman shows off that she is powerful, does that not make her a woman? Ultimately, I entirely agree with you that people should be free to be whoever they are, regardless of what other people might think.

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