Media Shoving Sexist Ads Down Our Throats

by SavageOpinions on February 15, 2016 - 11:04am

      This Burger King ad is just one of many sexist ads that have been able to circulate at a This Burger King ad is just one of many sexist ads that have been created to draw the attention of consumers with the goal of having them remember the product. The ad is for Burger Kings’s BK Super Seven Incher sandwich and displays the sandwich in front a woman’s wide open mouth. The writing on the ad is, “It’ll blow your mind away”. The combination of the picture and the writing in the ad encourage the consumer in thinking that sandwich is a symbol for a penis, and that the woman is going to give it oral sex. There are many issues in this ad that I will discuss in this article, mainly the sexualisation of women.

      The main issue with this ad is the sexualisation of women. The woman in this ad is seen as a hypersexual object. By making it seem like she is trying to give the symbolistic sandwich oral sex, the ad wrongfully conveys that women are all hypersexual and that they are sexual objects. In North American society, and many other societies worldwide, the sexualisation of women has become a norm. The documentary Miss Representation discusses how Sarah Palin sexualized herself in order to gain popularity among voters (Newsom). Instead of gaining popularity, however, Palin actually lost the respect of many as she was degrading towards herself and made herself seem like a sexual object. Beauty pageants are another example of the disgusting nature of society, women wear very little clothing to impress the male crowd. Even in female sports such as tennis, lingerie football and beach volleyball, women wear short skirts or shorts to attract male viewers. The issue with women being sexualized in the media is that if men fall for the trap, they may see all women as sexual objects and start to treat them as such. This will lead to more sexual and domestic abuse, and will compromise women’s place in society.

      Another issue in this ad is that the woman in it is wearing so much makeup. Traditionally, bright red lipstick is seen as sexy and beautiful. Having models wearing so much makeup can lead to people altering their idea of beauty. By seeing this ad, women and men may think that in order for a woman to be beautiful, she needs to wear makeup and lipstick. On top of this, the woman in the ad has most likely been Photoshopped and altered on the computer. Woman may see the woman in the ad and try to mimic the model’s beauty, but will never be able to since the beauty has been faked. Women can become insecure about themselves by seeing this idealistic woman and develop eating disorders or get plastic surgery done in order to “improve” their own look. Many women interviewed in Miss Representation admitted to developing eating disorders because they did not fit the media’s mould for a beautiful woman (Newsom).

      To fix this ad, many changes can be made. Firstly, the creators of it should remove any and all links that make it seem like the woman is giving the symbolistic penis oral sex. The woman should be eating the sandwich at a table and in a way that does not have any sexual innuendos. Also, the woman in the ad should not be wearing so much makeup, notably bright red lipstick. To avoid the unachievable beauty that the model seems to possess, the creators of the ad should have avoided making any touch-ups to the ad, especially using Photoshop to enhance the model’s features.

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First of all, your article is really well written and explains perfectly the issue of over sexualisation present in any kind of publicity nowadays. It is really interesting to learn about this subject and we want to learn even more.
If you want to dig deeper on that subject, you may look at the international aspect of this issue. You can look at different ads in different countries in order to have a vast perspective on the matter. You can even compare different publicities and give your reader a bigger picture of the over sexualisation around the world.
By doing so, you can be sure that you did not draw a portrait biased by your own perceptive. You will rather have a piece of writing
For instance, you could have talked about plastic surgery publicities in China or even at perfume publicities in Europe.
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