Let us exploit women to stop animal exploitation

by Selenium on February 14, 2016 - 6:18pm

Nobody would think that feminism and animal rights activism would be mutually speculated. Nevertheless, they are. The famous PETA organization (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) uses extreme ways to show how bad it is not to be a VEGETARIAN. PETA is the largest animal rights organization works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, legislation, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns (About PETA peta.org). As an example of using a celebrity, I would like to use an ad with Alicia Silverstone (“I Am Alicia Silverstone, and I Am a Vegetarian” peta.org). Alicia Silverstone is an American actress, producer, author, and activist who became a vegetarian in 1998 and in 2007, she appeared nude in a print advertisement and a 30-second commercial for Peta championing vegetarianism (Alicia Silverstone wikipedia.org).

The advertisement shows naked Alicia who lies on the green grass near a swimming pool in a sexual position.  Her open neck shows an intent to seduce, matching her sexual body that is perfectly and healthy shaped with glowing skin. Her hand and her leg cover the intimate details, to show that they are not a subject to focus on. She looks straight at the camera with a deep and seducing look, to make us join her and there is a slogan centred above her body “I Am Alicia Silverstone, and I Am a VEGETARIAN”. The slogan is meant to catch our attention but in all honesty, her body gets all the attention. In addition, her look seems to be related to an animal in  a natural environment. She imitates a defenceless and weak animal that doesn’t know about our bad intention and acts naturally and freely.

However, PETA uses gender stereotypes and objectification of the female body to promote vegetarianism. Obviously, PETA reveals a perfect provocateur for both genders. By looking at this ad, a man reads a message: “If you want me, you should become a vegetarian, and I would be yours,” a woman sees an ideal body: “You would like to have a body like me, you should become a vegetarian and you could achieve it too.” PETA combines animals and women since they are frequently denied full rights as living creatures. Women are linked to animals as weak creatures that cannot defend their freedom and exploitation. It does not make sense, they use a method that exploits women to stop animal exploitation. They excite us to convince us to treat animals with respect and dignity  and to change our meal preferences.

In fact, there are ways to convince people to go vegetarian without showing nude bodies, such as: educating people by facts and studies, promoting alternative meals, showing images of slaughterhouses - and at least, telling people that it is actually healthier to eat less meat. All these are better ways than showing people that glowing naked women do not eat meat and telling women that it is the only way they will get skinny. Using women stereotypes and sexual advertising traps to gain rights for animals are not a real progress. You cannot solve one problem by creating another problem. 

If we as consumers make the right choices for our health and environment, ads like that one will not affect us greatly.


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I was really interested about your article because I was remembering how shocking I was the first time I saw that kind of PETA's promotion. But you didn't convinced me. I explain myself; you only wrote about facts and your personal opinion and both are not arguments. So, it's would be really nice if you try to show what could be the bad consequences of those promotion on the society. I'm thinking about kids who saw nude women, you see what I mean? Then, nice work honestly. However, I hope I helped you to understand that an opinion and facts can't be used as argument to convinced people of your conclusion.