Loving Our Lady Bits

by emph on September 16, 2014 - 11:19am

Loving Our Lady Bits

Girls have been struggling more and more for the past few years with society’s pressure to fit in the ’perfect girl’ mold. Whether it’s the way you look, dress, walk, talk or behave, everything you do must answer your genders ‘requirements’. For girls, it’s become a much greater battle…

On a more intimate note, society has been able to get into our heads and project this image of what the ‘perfect vagina’ supposedly looks like. Pretty and pink. Tight and tucked. Bald and odorless. It’s what girls want, it’s what boys expect. In fact, numerous women have had to face criticism from men telling them that they had ‘meat lips’, ‘beef curtains’ or a ‘tuna taco’ and the list goes on and on. On the other hand, girls, when hitting puberty, have worried about the looks of their genitalia bending over and backwards, trying to figure out what is wrong with them and if boys would like them, regardless. The issue here is the lack of body education. Sure, we tell girls they’ll grow pubic hair and whatnot, but we don’t tell them there might be a change in color, and in look, in texture, etc. We don’t provide them with body positive messages. Too many girls wake up one day shocked and scared wondering if what is happening to them is normal when actually, this should be the least of their worries. Consequently, an increasing number of women today are ready to get under the knife to get vaginal rejuvenation or designer vaginoplasty to reduce the size of their labia or tighten their vaginas because they have been taught to think that this is what they want, because it’s what boys want and it’s what’s normal. These women are certain that there is such a thing as a perfect vagina when in fact, there is no perfect vagina. All vaginas are different and beautiful in their own way. More importantly, they are all extraordinarily normal and healthy just the way they are. This whole idea that society has indoctrinated us with, is utterly an illusion. This is what every single girl around the world needs to know before they even fathom the idea that cutting pieces of themselves off will make them any more worthy of anyone’s attention. Girls need to start accepting and loving their lady bits.

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Here's a really good documentary about the issue: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/perfect-vagina/


The title of this article was what caught our attention, because it is an unlikely expression that's, in all honesty, a little comical. In truth, this article does give a valid point; that society has a lot of expectations when it comes to physical attributes that a man or woman should have in order to 'fit in'. While not exactly justified or common, they are considered 'ideal' and for others, that's good enough.
Honestly, the point of this article does relate to our class' topic on 'Racism', because society has great expectations on how someone should look and how they'll fit in. Like with our 'lady bits', as you have expressed, if you are of a different race, you're not expected to fit in, which is not considered acceptable. You're expected to be like everyone else; to be similar in appearance instead of being individually unique, which is generally the undeniable truth. Instead of trying to 'fit in' with nearly-impossible, ideal changes to your body, it is probably better to admit that you are an unique individual and you shouldn't have to change for anybody else other than yourself. This relates to the idea of 'shadism', which is the belief that lighter skin is better and more ideal than darker skin. In a lot of cultures and religions, especially in places like India, a person is considered to be more beautiful when they have lighter skin than if they were to have darker skin. Even today, models and actresses with darker skins are photoshoped and edited to appear to have lighter skin, which is considered 'ideal'. This is the harsh reality of the media; what's 'ideal' in their eyes to be considered beautiful is what is dominant in society's thinking process.

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