by Mallachine on October 22, 2014 - 8:48pm

Oddly enough as a generic medium build average height and weight commonly dressed male for my era, I can say that am a man and no one can talk that from me. However, what do you believe to be so called a ”man”. Is it being stoic, brave, strong, bulky, sculpted rock hard body, sex appel with a huge bulge in my jeans  all things that portrait the “Man Box”. No,  in my opinion that is not at all. I define the terms of my manhood by my morals and values : loyalty, love, honesty, compassion, family , integrity  are but the steps to becoming a real man. A “real man” cannot be measured in a misogynistic demeanor towards women nor a sadist towards his fellow man  but to the be able to do what is right when necessary when violence is needed and when love is needed: helping a strangers as if he was my own, helping old women cross the street, taking care of the kids if need be, are but the little things that men must do to be men. Not having guns, fast cars and a multitude of women. There is a lacking of loyalty and faith in this world not only due to the portrait of the male stereotypes but also because of the lack of parent to child bonding and education needed to fulfill theses roles


I agree with your comment that being a man is much more than just being stoic, brave, strong, and bulky etc. As much as I agree that those things do not define a man, I do believe that they can be considered characteristics from some people's point of view. I was never taught the stereotypical ideal of a man, my mother always stressed that you can tell if a man is a man by his actions. Any male can talk the talk, there are many males that believe if they are compassionate and show a softer side, even cry that they are seen as weak, possibly even homosexual. There is a stigma that boys learn from such a young age that they need to be tough, society should start teaching them from young ages that they can show their feelings and be compassionate.

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