Violence in masculinity

by Reach4Stars on November 18, 2015 - 5:54pm

Violence In Masculinity

In this blog, the writer talks about how the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was linked to masculinity. The way it was linked to masculinity, was because when men see themselves as being forced into a corner and pushed out the man-box. This results in men trying to fit themselves back in man-box by using violence as another method to get back in. In this case, the shooter Adam Lanza was said to be bullied very badly throughout his years and sought that this violence was the only way to resolve his anger.

I believe that this blog relates to the movie because they both address how masculinity brings out violence in men. In the movie, the man talks about how the media portrays men. In these movies male actors use violence to inform men, that this is the way you should be, being soft is not what men are.

In the blog i read, the author talks about Adam Lanza and the slogan that is on a site where he bought his gun. The slogan said “Consider Your Man Card Reissued.”.With the slogan there was a gun present also. This quote was also shown in the movie as a statement to men, to tell men that if you do not like or play a part in violence then you are not a man, but if you are violent and have weapons that you are a real man.


I chose this article because when I saw the news on the Sandy Hook attack, it was a nightmare day for me. I angsted for my mother’s life because she works in an elementary school. I know it may seem irrational because I don’t live in the United States but the fact that he killed 20 children, his mother and other staff member really frightened me. The main issue in this post is that the killer was bullied and taught as a man that the only answer this his problems were violence. I wonder however what would have happened if the shooter of the school wasn’t white. For example, if he was black would the media have represented him as they did Adam Lanza, as a loner who was bullied and needed help, or would they rather have vilified every action he ever and be glad he’s dead. If the man who had killed all these children was from Arab descent, do you think there would be a spike in islamophobic attacks against veiled women, because of the media coverage that would have probably stated that he was a Muslim terrorist, not a lonely child that was spiteful against his parents. This opposing discourse show how differently races are depicted in the media. Should privately owned media be able to spread their own propaganda or should journalist, like most historians today, try to give an objective view of news stories?

In the framework of deontology, all free speech is absolute. However all people have a duty to do their job, if you choose to be a news reporter then report news, if you just want a juicy story then write articles as a journalist or as an independent author. Framing in the news media is causing friction in an already tense society and those just looking for a reaction aren't helping. Now white privilege doesn't only mean being born privileged, it means the safety of your children and their credibility as an individual. I completely agree with their thoughts on frames and gender role expectations in the media of 2015.