by Marco_1993 on November 2, 2015 - 8:36pm

     Masculinity, where to even begin. Honestly, speaking as a man, it’s become very unclear what it is to be a man; what people want a man to be. This tough as stone, cool as ice, suave look men have been expected to hold simply doesn’t work. It’s a look that has been encouraging dominance, adoring violence and forever more feeding ones’ ego. This ‘masculinity’ though has been both slowly fading and growing. More and more are beginning to feel confident/accepted to display their true emotions, true selves. Those on the other hand, can see this as a threat to their being, and would go to even harsher matters in order to attain the attention/acceptance they desire. My oh my.

                An article I read (will be linked below) ponders upon this matter, labeling it the ‘Masculinity Crisis’. The author argues that technology has been the reason for such a crisis. That with the daily consumption of extremely violent video games/pornography/media a boys’ brain structure will literally change. Because of this over indulgence of such extreme natures, simple/peaceful matters become dull/boring and you continue to push your threshold to gain satisfaction. Thresholds that honestly make no sense to pass…

                From our primal days we’ve always glorified violence, whether it be through dominance, power, control, or what not. Men have continued and continued to excerpt themselves through violence in order to attain heights they believe can’t be attained otherwise. You know what, with the world we currently live in, they’re probably right! Whether it be through literature, media, anything, the hero always kills the evil bad guy, and we all live happily ever after. That you must absolutely go to those extreme lengths to gain the happiness you want. Every tale. This formula just wires itself into who you are, and finds a way to impact everything you do; but how to be free of this…

                Now that we’re here, that this phenomena has become such a norm worldwide, how do cleanse ourselves… The article spoken of earlier suggests that limiting ones’ exposure to technology/media and promoting positive outlets and activities can help. If you’re simply not having these ideas enter your consciousness, you can’t think about exerting yourself in such a way. That may work, but why are there still violent matters to even expose yourself to in the first place? Maybe tackling the overall exposure of violence solves this. At this point, it’s going to take a large scale effort to resolve this ‘masculinity crisis’. I believe one day we will see a change; I believe.


Article, ‘Blame Technology For 'Masculinity Crisis' In Men And Boys’:





"Blame Technology For 'Masculinity Crisis' In Men And Boys." Tech Times RSS. N.p., 11 May 2015. Web. 02 Nov. 2015.


I decided to write a comment on this post for the reason that the title caught me quick. Violence is a very powerful word to use in a title because it usually stings someone's curiosity for the article. Moreover, the author's writing style is pretty personalize and unique. It can be understood by every type of people without it being boring and by the use of words that can be easily related to the main subject of masculinity. As the author describes it, masculinity is closely linked to being dominant, controlling and somewhat violent. This way of thinking was somewhat popular back in the days and was seen as normal. It seems as if it did not evolved with the world and can be clearly compared to racism. A part of the population still thinks that black people are inferior to white ones. Both situations increase the stigma in the population. A short film seen in class presenting a black model looking for job showed that a black model with Caucasian features would be much more accepted. A man should not be stereotyped on his behavior such as a black woman should not be seen less talented because of her skin color. Stimulating stereotypes may probably lead to a biased world that will despise everything it is not familiar with.