Oh man, oh man

by enrique696 on November 8, 2015 - 11:15am

The article which I’ve chosen is not the one which stand out most, or is most intriguing. Instead I chose which I believe to have the most importance. The author discusses the issue of masculinity in the media and how it is portrayed. To back up their point the author simply turned to national polls where 10-17 year olds were asked questions about programs they see. Over half of the sample TV shows reported violence, 74% of males in programs displayed behaviors such as ridicule, lying, aggressiveness or defiant acts. Sports commentators often use language of war, martial arts and weaponry to describe sports action. That is only a part of the issues that come to attention in the article. 


What TV airs is very important because for many the media takes on a figurative father role and much of their values are taken from TV. By displaying the main character roles whom are the center of the program i.e. important as non-sensitive, violent and misleading people it engraves an image in children’s minds about how they should be. If they want to be respected or be important men then they must too take on those roles.


TV isn’t the only problem. It’s everywhere around us. The notion of the army “manning” people up in itself is a problem. It makes children believe that they already aren’t men and causes them to go and search for validation of the man they aim to be.


All these problems stacked together are arguably the causes of many tragedies in today’s world. Whether its wars, gang violence, crime or even mass murders. More specifically, the rise in recent school shootings. When the masculinity they’ve been so desperately searching for is questioned or completely nullified, they resort to extreme ways in attempt to prove it to others, but more importantly to themselves.

All these points are clearly backed up by the feature film “Tough Guise”. They go in depth with these notions and attempt to explain the relation to the issues that confront us. For one they point out all the war action movies or games, and how taking part in them you are suddenly awarded that man card which according to them, you did not already have.


Another problem brought up is gang violence/violence among the lower income communities. Since media often portrays the ideal man as white, rich, violent, assertive amongst other things, it makes the youth want to compensate what they don’t have by accentuating what they are capable of doing. Violence, disrespect of women, sex are only a few of those things.


All these issues are things that need to be addressed. As a society looking to move forward, it is literally impossible to do so if the people who make it up do not have a proper idea of who they should be and how they should act. It is an uphill battle since many corporations are making incredible profits off this brainwashing of our male youth. Not only does it affect males, but woman too since they are stuck in the crossfire of all these tragedies that occur. 




I chose to comment on “Oh Man, Oh Man,” summarized by Enrique 696 because this was something that I found was very interesting. As I was reading this, I found it intriguing how the media is portrayed as a father figure role for viewers at home. In the article it said that the newscasters are the real men because they are non-sensitive and violent. I found that to be extremely shocking that men must be violent and unemotional to gain respect. The unemotional part, I understand but since when is it considered okay to be violent? That’s like saying that it’s okay for boys and men all over the world to hit their girlfriend, wife or even siblings because that’s how men gain respect, by hitting women. Its promoting violence and its saying that it’s okay and that is definitely not okay. The media also portrays the idea man as white and rich. Right away, men who aren’t white aren’t considered men which is very problematic. There are black men who are rich however we never bring light to it because it’s not the norm for a black man to be rich and a white man to be poor. This can be connected with “Children Are Not Colorblind: How Young Children Learn Race,” by Erin N. Winkler. In the readings it says that children collect information from the world around them in order to actively construct their own beliefs, which means if children of different color other than white see that a real man is white, then right away their self-esteem is shot down and they have no motivation. I believe we need to be really careful what we say and show because little do we know, children do understand and because of us, they’ll build their beliefs based on what we say or do. In conclusion, are you setting a good example for children around you? In your opinion, do you believe that a violent man is a real man?

Personally, I strongly agree with this text in a sense that the society we live in has a lot of ways to make us see and think what they want. With all the movies, video games and TV series available for everyone, it has become normal to give gun toys to young children. With the help of social medias, the brains of the young minds can easily be controlled and it also helps violence take a bigger place in our society.

However, these kind of medias are not available everywhere in the world. For example, how come the young boys in certain part of Africa, where there is no TV or internet, get enrolled in gangs and illegal armies. It is possible to see this kind of behavior in the youth everywhere in the world where poverty takes a huge place. It could be interesting to see what are the other factors (human, social, education, poverty) that takes a role in the development of violence in boys, teenagers and young adults.

I was triggered into reading your article due to your choice of title. The title reminded me of Drake’s lyric in his song “Back to Back”. Drake is one of my favorite artists which is mainly why I was attracted to your article. I am also aware that you named your article for different reasons.
Aside from the title, I would like to point out that this was a well written article and I positively agree with what you wrote. In my opinion, the media is the largest influence to society as well as celebrities. Young men actively follow the media and their personal choices and behavior are manipulated by them. As you mentioned, there is a greater problem due to manipulation from the media. Young men are pursuing controlled behaviors that are causing many issues around the world. These adolescents do not have sufficient knowledge and are pressured at a young age to fit society’s hegemonic masculinity view. A lot of men are living their lives according to the “Man Box”. The “Man Box” was created by society itself! We are the root cause of men’s patriarchal and manipulative worldview. This idea portrays how the ideal man should be and if the idea is contradicted by a male, they are considered less of a man.
I find it quite ironic how men are then viewed as characteristics that describe a female approach. It is ironic because society and the media have created the ideal woman. Women are constantly attempting to change themselves because they are manipulated just like men. Although men are causing more social and environmental issues due to being manipulated, women are harming themselves. Both portrayed genders are causing severe issues. Why do you think the media is portraying these gender roles? I can’t seem to understand what is trying to be achieved. They have the power to influence society in being peaceful, yet they are doing the opposite.

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