faulty comparaison

by liondancer on November 2, 2015 - 5:55pm

In this Nikon add we see two women facing each other. It is the same person with a slight difference: one has a bigger breast. Those two women each represent one of the Nikon’s camera versions: the old one with 2 million of pixels and the new one with 3 million of pixels. The woman with the smaller breast is representative of the 2million pixel camera and the woman with the bigger breast is representative of the 3 million pixels camera. The fact that she as a bigger breast is therefore consider as amelioration.  In this comparison of women and pixel we understand that there is an underlying message, which states that the newest version represents the better one it gives prettier and clearer pictures, it is more performant, more expensive therefore it is the one that you want to have. And the fact that this new better version is linked to the picture of the women with a bigger breast brings a lot of issues. This insinuates that the woman is a better version of herself when she has a bigger breast. It also suggests that you should privilege women with a bigger breast and that the other ones are useless if you can afford the newest version. In other words the more pixels you have the more quality you have in a picture and here it is stated that the woman with a bigger breast is one of better quality. After we wonder why so many girls suffer of depression or self-esteem. This picture is one of the many examples in our society of how "Girls are being encourage to achieve that[type of] ideal at younger and younger age all the time, they end up measuring themselves against an impossible standard and feeling themselves wanting as a result of it"( Miss representation). Thus women and men are giving the message that this is the way girls should be, which creates an awful scenario where women are ashamed of who and how they are and where men are constantly judging them(Miss representation). Furthermore we should be concern by those problems because it shapes our view of the world in a bad way. A way in which we think that there is an ideal for women and that wen this impossible ideal is not achieve by one of us we are then consider as less valuable. To conclude this publicity is simply superficial and degrading. Nikon should not have to use this type of metaphor to make sells. In my opinion they should of have done something more in link to the real difference in a picture when you have more pixels.


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I chose to respond to your post, because when I saw your title, I didn’t understand immediately what you were talking about, which intrigued me. As I started reading and your idea became clearer. I find your topic really interesting and I was surprised to see that Nikon promoted the woman with big breasts even if our society tend to value more women in the fashion industry, which is thinness. I don’t understand why Nikon put 2 different women to show the quality of the old and new version of their cameras. What’s the link? I understand the fact that they gave us 2 pictures with different number of pixels, but what’s the goal of putting 2 different women? Of course Nikon will put 3 million pixels to the women with bigger breasts, because everyone will be attracted to her “assets”. You are right to say that this Nikon add is just promoting women with big breasts and the fact that bigger breasts are better, have more privilege and represent more the ideal body of a woman. This case can be connected to the concept of white dominance on other races. Your analysis of women’s big breasts is the same as white people in our society. White persons are better, have more privileges and represent the norms of perfectness. They are the standard and the comparisons between the pictures with the Nikon’s add reflects the same idea, which is that a certain group or individual is better than the other. To conclude, even though we know that Nikon stated that the 3 million pixels picture was better, does it change anything when we talk about the camera’s performance? Does Nikon really want to show the difference between the old and new version of his camera? Is he using women’s big breasts to sell? How can we see the difference if the picture is not the same? All of these questions bring us to think about the purpose of this add and I totally agree with you. Nikon should use the pixels to show us the real differences on his updated camera and not differences on a small and big breasts woman.