Open Your Eyes

by RayM on February 24, 2015 - 7:39am

Open Your Eyes

            Animal cruelty is -- and has always been -- present everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the animal rights movement has only taken precedence in recent years, yet not every person is conscious that it’s an important worldwide issue. Even then, there are many categories of animal cruelty. Blood sports tend to be the most aggressive because they involve animals fighting each other. Within this category, some blood sports are criticized more than others. Many news articles about this topic can be easily accessed online; one must simply care enough to get informed!

            Dog fighting is one type of blood sport among many others. It consists of two dogs at time being put into a dog fighting ring to fight aggressively until one is killed. On top of that, the many people who attend these dog fights place bets on which dog is going to win each round. When you think about it, this situation is extremely saddening.

            In an article by Global News called “225 dogs, including 50 puppies, recovered in U.S. dog-fighting ring”, 22 people are being charged with animal cruelty and dog fighting because of their involvement. Also, by reading the title, it is quite obvious that many dogs, even puppies, were forcefully involved in this dog fighting ring. They were being provoked to be more lethal by living in inhumane ways, such as their owners cutting off their ears.  Unfortunately, one dog died after the dog fighting, but the rest of them were sent to shelters (Global News 1).

There was another case in Mississippi in which at least 200 people attended the dog fighting rings. There were even admission costs of $100. There was at least 50 people arrested and 70 vehicles seized. Also, around 20 dogs were rescued from this dog fighting ring (Daily News 1).

            Many dog fighting ring cases are heard of in the U.S., but this blood sport happens everywhere in the world. The majority of people strongly disagree with blood sports, such as dog fighting rings, but there are always outliers.

            On the other hand, when it comes to other blood sports, such as bullfighting, it seems to be tolerated in certain countries. Some would even consider it as a tradition in European countries, like Spain. Bullfighting consists of a bull and one (or many) executioner(s). The bullfighters provoke the animal with their red cape and once it gets close enough, they stab it until it dies.  

              In “Is it finally time for Spain to ban bull fighting?” published by The Independent, it explains how it was the first time in 35 years that bullfighting had to be suspended because three bullfighters were badly hurt. One would assume that Spain’s population would reconsider this blood sport, but this did not last very long. In fact, only 29% of Spaniards agree with bullfighting, yet this blood sport is ongoing (The Independent 1). It is shocking that they would consider banning bullfighting only for the sake of their own race.  

            It is very interesting that views on blood sports vary depending on one’s location in the world. In America, there is a stronger presence of the animal rights movement, which makes people more aware of animal cruelty. In certain European countries, such as Spain, although the majority of the population disagrees with bullfighting, it still goes on, because they do not believe that it is an important or pressing issue.


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Animal cruelty is definitely being overlooked by many people. I found this organization called Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) where their main goal is to protect all animals against all sorts of violence. I believe that this organization links to your news summary because both you and the SPCA are concerned for the animal’s well-being. With that being said, it is possible to either donate or volunteer at the SPCA in Montreal. Here’s the link to their main page:, and here’s their contact information:

Great job in raising awareness towards this horrible injustice act. As an avid animal lover, I completely support this cause and am glad you have raised it in your post. Animal abuse is completely wrong and it is very hard to comprehend how there are people who can achieve pleasure in either watching, participating, or encouraging the harm these poor animals have to endure. How one can harm a defenceless animal pains me in a very deep way and knowing there are abused animals in this world brings me to tears.
However, one must detach themselves emotionally from an issue to properly assess the situation. Animal cruelty IS an ethical issue as you are harming another purposely for no righteous reason. Through a Utilitarian point of view, blood fights are wrong as it is only a small percentage of people who achieve pleasure in these acts. The greater number would be the animals enduring this abuse and the majority of the people who are against this unmoral activity. This means these outliers represent a small portion of the population. Therefore, these acts are unmoral and should be stopped. The pleasure being achieved is at the expense of a greater amount of people. This is not an issue we can just turn a blind eye on, these acts need to be sanctioned and more severe laws should be set in place.