Not a Unanimous Decision

by Giroux on February 21, 2015 - 1:14pm

The recent decision from The Supreme Court of Canada to remove the ban on doctor-assisted suicide is a big win for Quebec, but it is not a unanimous agreement from the rest of Canada. An article from The Montreal Gazette, two others from National Post and a last one from CBC News will help me to demonstrate the different points of view in Canada.

In the article from The Montreal Gazette written by Charlie Fidelman, it insists on how much Quebec inspired the decision taken by The Supreme Court of Canada and how much it gives hope to people ʺwho are suffering and sick and at the end of their livesʺ. In the two articles from National Post the decision from The Supreme Court of Canada is not described as a victory for Quebec and the rest of Canada. The new rule is compared to what had been decided in Oregon in United States. Also the decision is questioned because of the fear that it arouses for people security. Finally, in the article from CBC News, it states that B.C. has the same point of view than Quebec on the new law because of the Gloria Taylor’s case who was suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The article also raises the point that the rule should be more detailed to avoid a law’s abuse. To help to make it more specific, the article suggests to follow some of the conditions from the Netherlands’, Belgium’s, Luxembourg’s and Switzerland’s law to resort to assisted-suicide.

In the article from The Montreal Gazette, it is evident that the decision from The Supreme Court of Canada is something that Quebec is really proud of. It even mentions that the law is exactly like Quebec wanted it to be. It describes the event like if everything was perfect and nothing has to be change. However, when you read the articles from National Post and CBC News, it is evident that even if it is a big step for Quebec and the rest of Canada, it is not a decision that every province agrees with. Also, all the articles states that even if assisted-suicide is legalized, it has to stay an issue. If Canada does not want the assisted-suicide’s law to become something people resort to because they have ″an unhappy or inconvenient life,″ (last link from National Post's articles) like it is the case in Oregon in the United State, it is important for the law to be more detailed as soon as possible.

Personally, I agree with the article in The Montreal Gazette because of a personal experience that I had with a family member. I think everybody that has an incurable illness or a handicap that prevents them to have a happy end of life should be allowed to resort to assisted suicide. However, I also agree with the articles from National Post and CBC News when they say the law has to be more detailed since assisted suicide has to stay an issue. After all, we are talking about people’s life and nobody wants an unfortunate event to happen to someone who could potentially have a really nice end of life.

To conclude, I think The Montreal Gazette’s article does not tell the negative points of the law because it is only read in Quebec and for our province it is an enormous victory and accomplishment. Therefore, even if it is not everything that is perfect there is no need to tell it to the citizens because it is a law that the most Quebec citizens where waiting for since a while. In the National Post’s articles, the media take the point of view of the majority of Canada which is that the law puts the citizens’ security in danger. This the articles dramatizes a little bit the effect the law could have giving the Oregon’s extreme example. Finally, the CBC News’ article is the one which has the most neutral point of view since it is read by Canada’s citizens and also Quebec’ citizens. Consequently, the article has to mention that is an important victory for Quebec, but it also has to tell that it can have bad consequences such as in Oregon if the law is not more detailed than it is.

The Montreal Gazette’s article:

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When I was going through the site, your title didn't really catch my attention as much as the beginning of your article has, try and make the title more specific and appealing so that readers can be interested in what you have to say after they read the intriguing title. I also agree with your point of view that we should be able to have a right to make the decision to pass on rather than fight and suffer and i also do not see a negative side rather than for the graving family members. Have you thought about the impact this may have on religious society? Could this be considered a suicide and be banished from the heavens? Can this go against peoples religion? Yes it would benefit the persons in pain but will their family and religious deities put them to shame? This is a question I would investigate. Overall good article and it would be beneficial to explore the religious side of this issue. Interesting.
This article provides much insight on religion and assisted suicide. something to look into for the next article perhaps?