Art of The pride

by Emilie Victoria on April 15, 2015 - 3:21pm

Emilie Cunningham

Art of the Pride

Final project outline

Gabriel Flacks

Winter 2015


The Art of the pride project consist of bringing together artists and Lion behaviourist Kevin Richardson and show how art can make a difference and to help save disappearing African lions. For my final project I will be sending an art piece to the sanctuary in hopes to raise money for the sanctuary. The art will be digitally designed, to be able to print out many copies and on a large scale, to protect my work I will add my signature into the digital painting. I will then write a small essay saying what I am trying to present to the viewer and how others can help contribute to this issue.

It started with a collaboration between painter Suzanne Unrein, and Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson.  October 2013 Suzanne went to South Africa where she documented Kevin’s the unique bond between the lions, hyenas and leopards on his reserve.  B She then went back home to New York where she started working hard on paintings and sketches of her experiences.  The sale of paintings will help to ensure the preservation of the sanctuary. As people saw Suzanne’s work on Kevin’s website more and more people started sending in their own “Pride Paintings” to Kevin in order to sell them and help make a difference.

The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary's mission is to provide a self-sustaining African carnivore sanctuary for the purposes of wild species preservation through education, awareness and funding, especially pertaining to the rapid decline of large carnivores in Africa due to habitat loss, human-predator conflict, unscrupulous hunting, disease and their illegal trade.

The sanctuary provides the animals the ability to live out full and happy lives, while being in captivity, still in an open and natural environment. The sanctuary aims to Education of both adults and children about the animals there and for people to become aware that the lions are sentient and that biodiversity and the future of wildlife is in their hands, showing  the difference they can make individually and all together. It is through educating people that the sanctuary aims to be able to transform the attitude people have towards these big cats and help save their species.