Why Black Lives Matter differentiates itself entirely from the KKK and it's values

by Gabriel M. on August 24, 2017 - 1:44pm

After the recent tragedy in Charlottesville and the failed condemnation of white supremacy and racism from the side of the White House, the argument made by the American President regarding violence on both sides seems to have resonated amongst not only the loyal base of the current Commander-in-Chief but also amongst conservative radio and talk-show hosts all over the country. Major Republican figures such as Ann Coulter, Stephen Crowder and Ben Shapiro spoke out in favor of this rhetoric, calling out groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa for being as vile and violent as the KKK and other organisations present at the rally, that left one dead and many injured when a car plowed into counter-protesters.


CNN reports that the rally moved the nation in an unprecedented way with writer Jason Hanna saying it “fanned running national debates about race and free speech, and could resonate politically and socially for weeks or even years to come.” Though many say that Black Lives Matter is in some way part of the problem, I would argue against that rhetoric, for Black Lives Matter does not seek the creation of a racial hierarchy based state, but rather desire equal rights mindless of one's complexion of pigment.


It is a matter of searching Black Lives Matter on Google to find a full description of the group’s ideals. They are according to their own website “Diversity, Restorative Justice, Globalism, Collective Values, Transgender Affirming” and other positions. For the sake of comparing, I visited the official website of the KKK. Their stance on race is the following: “We are basically Biblically correct separatists, we believe that God intended all races to be separate, we believe this is a Biblical Principal. We believe no non-white or any person of any other race; should ever have been brought to these shores for any reason, and conversely, no white man should ever have so much as darkened Africa with his shadow.” Trump maintained that he believed in violence being perpetrated by both sides, according to CNN.


One of the many mistakes made in that last statement is that according to this position, no white man from Europe would have ever arrived in America, for those who were here before colonization for thousands of years are not white. If the human being never traveled or moved to another continent or place, then all would still be living in Mesopotamia and, if we go back further into time, Africa, for it is the cradle of humanity. Mindless of that, the CNN article explains that President Trump stood by his remarks.


To go back to the main point, Black Lives Matter was created out of hate not towards a race but towards the attitude of certain police officers shooting unarmed African-American children in the streets of America’s major cities. The KKK was created on Christmas eve of 1865 to create a white only state within the boundaries of the U.S. BLM on the other hand advocates for equal rights mindless of race, mindless of race, mindless of gender and of other personal factors.


In conclusion, there is no moral or political equivalency between Black Lives Matter, an organization advocating for rights for all and the KKK, which defends an ethno-totalitarian state run and entirely controlled by whites. Hence, believing that a group which hails the work of Hitler and Confederate Generals is somehow similar to a group supporting the views of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela is a wrongful and foolish comparison. This CNN article has clearly demonstrated the horrors that occurred last month in Charlottesville and the inconsistency of the President of the United-States. I encourage everyone to get involved in a political group which defends and promotes equality of all humans.

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