The Real Source of Fake News in America

by Gabriel M. on September 5, 2017 - 9:09pm

    The controversial and absolutely unfactual statements made by the President of the United-States in not only the last few weeks but his entire campaign and presidency have redefined America in an unprecedented way, sparking debates on both sides of the aisle about the competency of current executive officer to lead the nation forward, a conversation held previously during the administration of Richard Nixon.
     These intense conversations have incited Donald Trump to declare an open war on the fourth estate of America, referring to many mainstream-media organizations as the enemy of the people, titles held only by terrorist organizations abroad and criminals under preceding presidencies. Amongst the eye catching headlines aimed at shaming the current White House occupant, a recent Vox article entitled “After Charlottesville, how do we cover an immoral president?” questioned the media’s coverage of Trump and his ability to govern.
    From MSNBC’s Chuck Todd to CNN’s Jim Acosta, the entire press seemed to have mobilized itself against Trump. Through his remarks though, Trump blasted the coverage of the horrors, calling out many mainstream channels for not covering the violence of what he named “the alt-left”. Now it is fine to question the reliability of the media in this day and age, with the advancement of our ways of communication making it possible for anyone to write anything on the internet, but to go as far as to call the press “the enemy of the American people” and to brag about beating up news network on social platforms does not constitute questioning, it includes attacking without any plausible motives an organisation. 
    The most commonly cited motive for bashing the major media companies in the United-States is that their coverage of events and political opinions often turn negative, bringing about many calling the networks fraudulent for only presenting negative opinions about Donald Trump and only airing positive positions of Hillary Clinton, for example. Adding fuel to the fire is the negative commentary over progressive candidates and politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, alienating the left and bringing CNN and MSNBC’s numbers down. 
    Another very prominent argument made by skeptics of media networks is that they bring about more coverage of Democrats’ fine accomplishments and undermine the Republican President’s efforts to shape America at his image. The issue with that statement is that the main reason for Trump’s success is his constant free air time on these said companies, who often aired entire speeches of his during the debates and dedicated entire days of coverage on the outlandish things that he had claimed, said and done.
    In conclusion, the article Vox published is one we should all take a good moment to think about. This constant, incommensurable amount of news coming from inside the White House has the entire public frustrated either towards a Commander-in-Chief whose approval stays low or towards media organizations whose coverage makes the followers of the current administration unhappy. Mindless of political affiliation, we should all sometimes question the integrity and judgment of those who commit the news and those who bring to our televisions and our newspapers the news, and in the current political scenario, this sort of doubting must happen often.

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