Final Research Paper

by Justin on December 7, 2017 - 11:27am

Throughout the semester, most of my research as been directed towards education. This research paper with be analyzing other country’s system and our system and compare them to see what works better and what doesn’t, the goal being to find a way to make school a place where people want to be rather than being a somewhat forced thing. Instead of delving deep into statistics of one way to do it, I will go through a more general idea and talk about 3 issues and ways of fixing them.


Hello Justin,
I'd like to start by saying that your research paper look interesting. You got me on the part where you said that your paper will be analyzing other country's system and our system. However, I feel like there is some information missing in this abstract like what resources did you used in order to write your paper. I would have also liked if you did put the name of our system and examples of country that you used. Other than that, the topic of your research paper is very appealing. Good Job !

Hey Justin,
Your subject seems to have lots of potential! Education is the base of every society, so any problem with it is major. However, it would have been interesting to know what countries you used to contrast with Quebec. I think Finland has a great model, and if you used it, it would have been good to note it in your abstract. Nonetheless, I think you did a good job and I hope you can keep it up during the next semester.

Very intriguing topic Justin ! I find it important for us to look around the world at what is happening to find inspiration. That can bemdone in the health, education, and business sectors to name a few. I agree with you that our education system is structured in a way that makes schooling an obligation for kids. This can be seen as a push/pull strategy...whereas the government nowadays pushes our education on kids. While researchers on the topic, like you, and trying to find solutions that will attract children towards education without being pushed in such a system.

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