Academic Stress and Mental Health: How are they related?

by lulumgomes on October 23, 2017 - 10:21am

The article “The Silicon Valley Suicides”, written by Hanna Rosin and posted December 2015 on The Atlantic, investigates the high rate of suicide among teenagers in the city of Palo Alto in particular. The investigation started after a suicide cluster, that is numerous death occurred in close succession and proximity, followed the suicide of Cameron Lee. It later goes on to show the relationship between mental health and academic stress; the stress to get the best grade, or the stress to get into the best college causes a lot of anxiety and depression which in turn can cause suicidality. The article also argues that mental-health issue is related to insufficient sleep, because students are losing sleep to “cope with excessive homework”. This article raises awareness about mental health among student who are not able to manage stress, it calls out to parents, teachers and other students to be more patient and understandable towards teenagers dealing with academic pressure.

Here are some academic journal to further develop your understanding on mental health among students:

1.     The article “Self-Stigma of Mental Illness and Help Seeking Among School Counselors” was posted in the Journal of Counseling & Development. This academic journal investigates the relationship between school counselors, self-stigma of mental illness, help-seeking behaviors, burnout, stress, and life satisfaction.

2.     The article “To study the mental health among school students” was posted in the Indian Journal of Positive Psychology. This article studies how various students cope with academic stress, for this, a sample of 100 students were selected and then studied.

3.     The article “Depression, anxiety and academic stress among college students: A brief review” was posted in the Indian Journal of Health & Wellbeing. It investigates the “stressful period in students’ life which they need to cope with” when it comes to higher education.


Hi, I’m Tomoyuki from Kansai University of International Studies in Hyogo, Japan.

I found your article very interesting. I agree with the idea that academic stress and mental health are related. In my case, I always have a lot of homework in the university, so I sometimes feel stressed out. If I can have enough time to do my homework, I don’t feel the stress. However, if I cannot have enough time to do it, I am stressed out, and I become anxious. I don’t think it is not good for my health. In addition, I sometimes cut down my sleeping time to do a lot of homework. Also, this is not only happening to university students like me, but preparatory schools in Japan give students lots of homework, and they study hard because they want to enter famous universities in the country. Along with that, some students experience depression and occasionally they commit suicide. As for the ways to solve this problem, I think some students sometimes need to relax and they need help from fellow students and their teachers. Managing a schedule is very important.

How about your college? Is it very demanding? I am looking forward to hearing your response.

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