Turkish Riot

by Issa ph on June 16, 2013 - 6:45pm


I chose this article because I love politics and I find it is a really interesting subject. We can consider this riot to be a little bit like the riots last spring in the province of Quebec, but in a more extreme way. 

Should the turkish government have permitted the sit-in in the Gezi Park?

I think that the Turkish government did a good job to empty the park because the construction of a commercial mall is suposed to start soon and it would create dealy if the people are still doing a sit-in in the park. If a government is not able to show that they have the control the society will become an anarchist society and their will be no more rules. Therefore, they did the right thing by emptying the park.

Some people might say it is a right to show that you are not satisfied with you r government and indeed it is a right. However, sometimes the rights should be taking away when the population is not acting in a respectful way against the laws. Things such as walking peacefully in the streets or a petition would be a better way to show their indignity instead of keeping the Park 24/7 busy so that the constructions wouldn't start.

Should the population continues their riots somewhere else or should they just stop?


I find cases of political unrest and revolution to be extremely interesting subjects, I am actually reading a book about the Russian Revolution for fun, so that is why I chose to read this. I do not believe that they should move their protest, it is a very prominent spot that will get a great deal of attention. As you said, it is the location where a commercial mall is going to be, so the government is going to want that to happen, and happen smoothly. The protesters chose this specific park because of what it means to the government, it helps in making their statement.

In the article, it is said that thousands were forced to disperse with the use of tear gas and water cannons. Even non-protesters, like waiters at restaurants or clerks at hotels, were forced to suffer the consequences of the tear gas, as they were forced to cover themselves. Tear gas was also thrown into the lobby of a hotel. From that, I believe that the police force has gone a bit too far. Yes, I do understand that the crowd needed to be dispersed and that tear gas is a very effect tool at doing just that. But from the description given in the article, it seems like a unnecessary amount of gas was used.

If you want further information about the article, this link that sheds light from a different perspective on this specific riot.

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