Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Political Scam

by Christos2695 on June 13, 2013 - 12:51pm

People in society will never know whether massacres or tragedies that occur in the world are either simply an actual tragedy or a hoax enforced by the government. This is clearly shown in the case of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut on the 14thof December, 2012.

I chose this article because of the simple fact that this globally known catastrophe is a hoax only to promote gun control bills and policies. I also chose this topic because the person who thought of this whole event used the apparent death of 20 elementary school students and 8 others, including staff and the perpetrator, in order to gain sympathy and attention from the world. I for one do not believe that this shooting ever happened because of the conspiracy theories and evidence that ensued the shooting such as, said in the article, “The child’s father, Robbie Parker, was also faking his profound despair when he tearfully addressed the media shortly after his daughter’s murder, the believers claim, and was reading from cue cards.” For a father to be in a happy mood seconds before being displayed and interviewed on TV seems a bit treacherous and fake.

Moreover, what drew me to this topic was the fact that this “tragedy” was the first of its kind to ever happen; in the sense that there has never been such a massacre on this grand a level on an elementary school. The so called perpetrator, Adam Lanza, entered the school, went into a number of classes and opened fire with a semi-automatic riffle. I question this part greatly because he, according to authorities, used a shotgun as his main weapon but it was later on discovered in the trunk of his car later on in the day when police investigated his car. This shooting resulted in the deaths of 28 people in total: 20 children, 6 staff members, Adam himself and his mother whom he killed. Thus, this whole situation leads me to ask this question; is it permissible for governments to create such scams in hopes of passing bills and policies after “tragic” events occur when people are in a more vulnerable state of mind?

In my opinion, this hoax of a tragedy in which the government put in place is such a sorry excuse of a way to get bills and policies accepted to abolish certain issues in society, in this case being gun control. I remember watching this on the news as it was happening and noticed certain things, right away, which seemed very odd but ignored on account to the overall situation that I was focused on. From the view of a helicopter, there were so many cars around the school and the nearby fire department that no ambulances could’ve gone through without smashing into them. Also, I never saw any children being escorted out of the building to a safe place. Talk about a globally catastrophic story turning out to be a hoax enforced on by the government.

However, people may tend to disagree with conspiracy and truly believe that this massacre did actually occur. The evidence and how it was all planned out was convincing due to a variety of reasons such as President Barack Obama making a statement that very same day which brought him to tears on national TV, interviews with people who tried to help in the situation, and the fact that it is the worst school shooting to ever occur in an elementary school in the United States. These people who believed that the shooting actually happened are the ones who, also, blindly believe that anyone who says otherwise is wrong and has no heart.

In final analysis, would you consider the government’s actions and scams to be morally or ethically right as a means to pass the bills and policies on gun control?

Suggested Article which further expresses how the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting was really just a hoax and was planned out only to pass gun control bills and policies for the United States of America:

IN ADDITION, please see this video which is connected to an article that uncovers a lie; a father whose daughter died just the day before in the apparent Sandy Hook Shooting. He laughs just before the camera is set on him and then has the audacity to get into a sobbing and sad character to play a victimized father:

IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF SPARE TIME, watch this 30 minute video which demonstrates many facts and lies of how the Sandy Hook Elementary School  Shooting was actually a lie by utilizing video footage, secret information, common sense and common logic.


Tragedies await to happen when certain controls over weapons of violence are not strictyl kept in check. Only when innocent people get hurt do individuals wish to look at the subject of weapons and violence more seriously. And as we know, changes only come about when people are vulnerable and fear their safety. When someone offers protection against certain mishaps such as the Sandy Hook shooting, only then do people wish to change things in order to protect their children because as we know, when children are involved everything changes. What interests me about this topic is the fact that you tie in key elements in your blog post. You mention how the shooting was a hoax as there are many elements to it that are off. You also mention how people only wish to look at a subject more closely and seriously when people get hurt.

What drew me to your topic also is the fact that you present facts and odd occurrences that ensued the shooting like seen in the video of with Emilie Parker's father. As Christos2695 mentions, Robbie Parker laughed on camera a day after his daughter was apparently shot. Also, the fact that “Adam Lanza, entered the school, went into a number of classes and opened fire with a semi-automatic riffle” and then the authorities stated that a shotgun was used “as his main weapon but it was later on discovered in the trunk of his car”. This seems to render a little suspicion when observed more closely.

I do not believe that it is ethically correct to create hoaxes in order to change the laws on gun control. I believe that the power to change certain laws such as the ones on guns should be left to the citizens to decide. Creating a situation such as the Sandy Hook shooting sounds completely terrible because you are putting innocent children in danger. If this is really a hoax then that is completely against what the government promotes which is safety of their citizens and the protection of the country. Putting innocent children in danger goes against everything that the United States has fought for. It would be a true shame knowing that the government would actually do something like this to push people to change their views on guns.

I do not believe that the government should be allowed to create such scams in order to pass policies and bills after tragic events; however, I do believe that the only way that things get done is when people are in a vulnerable state of mind because they fear for their life and they fear for their safety. Governments feed off of people's vulnerability which allows governments to promote certain laws, policies, and legislations. When using a mishap such as the shooting, the government has an easier time passing their laws because people will agree to anything that seems to protect their safety and the safety of others. However, I do believe that the government should take immediate action whenever there is a huge mishap. In order to prevent more, I believe that it is permissible to use tragic events to enforce policies and bills because it is there to protect the citizens and prevent future mishaps from occurring.

With regards to your argument about the government using the shooting as an excuse to pass a policy on the control of guns, I believe that it is the only way to get things done by means of getting the population to accept or deny certain policies. You need to have a tragedy in order to move citizens to get them to open their eyes and see that innocent people are getting hurt every day; we need to control guns much more strictly in order to prevent mishaps such as the Sandy Hook shooting. It may be a hoax, but it still got people around the world to realize that policies on guns should be more stricter than what it is now.

The link below still covers the same subject regarding the Sandy Hook shooting and the push to change gun laws; however, this article states Obama's push to change the gun control laws have failed. His legislation failed at the Senate and ever since then the debate over control laws has been stalled.