Alcohol and Gambling

by Camille Burbidge Izquierdo on June 17, 2013 - 12:00am

Addictions are the cause of many health and mental problems. People tend to misuse activities, technology and substances that are meant for enjoyment like alcohol, gambling, or Internet. Quebec's government has allowed Loto-Quebec to serve and sell alcoholic beverages directly at the gaming tables and the slot machines in the province's casinos as stated in the news article posted in The Gazette on May 1st, 2013, "Quebec okays alcohol at casino gaming tables, slot machines".

This article caught my attention because it discusses a subject that could influence Quebec's society. It shows how a government establishes some measures without thinking of the leading consequences. This topic made me questioned Loto-Quebec's perspective on moderation: Should alcohol be served and soled at the gaming tables and slot machines?

I believe that players of Quebec's casinos should only be authorized to buy alcohol at restaurants and bars. It will worsen problems for some gamblers who already neglect their work, family, friends, and personal life. Consequently, this will increase the health costs to treat these people. Problem gamblers do not understand the notion of self-control and it is worse when alcohol is involved. This will increase the number of accidents and gambling-related suicides. Although the casino's personnel are trained, no one can know someone's limit of alcohol. I believe they will continue selling them drinks to make more money or get more tip. In sum, selling alcohol directly to the customers endangers their lives and those of others.

Thanks to this new law, the revenues for Loto-Quebec will increase up to 40 million dollars per year. All Northern American casinos permitted the direct sale and serving of alcoholic drinks to players except for Quebec's four casinos, Lac-Lemay, Montreal, Charlevoix and Mont-Tremblant. Hence, this law brings big advantages for the gaming commission particularly because they were losing players to illegal casinos. People can now enjoy having a drink without leaving their game.

With this all said, do you believe that it is right for Quebec's government to give the permission to Loto-Quebec to sell and serve alcohol directly at the player's game?


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