When You Drive, Just Drive!

by simonlepage1 on September 27, 2013 - 8:27pm

Last year, about a quarter of car accidents involved cell phones. It represents an impressive 1.3 million crashes, which could have been avoided easily. But an impressive 77% of the young adults think that they are able to text safely while driving! This bad habit has to end.

I chose this topic since most adults now own a cell phone, and I know that it is not always easy for them to ignore an incoming notification on their phone. The temptation of looking at it is too great, and then they feel that they need to respond immediately. This situation implies the ethical principle of altruism, since the driver who is using his cell phone while driving puts the surrounding drivers in danger.

Here in North America, should we be allowed to use electronic devices while driving? Recently in Quebec, tickets have been introduced to punish drivers who are texting while driving. But in most countries, it is still not regulated. Even in the United States, adults can use their cell phone while driving without any penalty. Nevertheless, I can still see a lot of people in Quebec violating this law.

An American study showed that people who are texting and driving spend about 10% of time outside their lane. Most drivers who have this bad habit can spend up to 5 seconds without looking at the road. During this time, everything can happen on the road. When handling a two ton vehicle, the consequences of a crash can be fatal. This is why I think that this law should be reinforced in Quebec.

Some people believe that electronic devices such as GPS should be permitted, to help drivers orient themselves. I think that it remains distractive for them, and that they should keep their eyes on the road.

The price of the ticket is only $115 in Quebec, for texting while driving. Do you think that raising the amount of the tickets would convince people to respect this law?




There are many ways to prevent texting and driving without the law getting into it. I think with enough prevention, and tips on how to not give in to the temptation, people are able to manage it on their own. I believe that most people know it’s wrong and that by helping them not give in, we will be able to create a lot more positive than by just placing fines because as I’ve noticed, it isn’t enough to stop people from answering their phone while driving. Cars often come with lockable glove boxes nowadays that can only be unlocked using the key for the ignition. Right there you can stop yourself because you can’t access your phone without turning the car off, which means being stopped in a safe place. There are many ways, and although this site is aimed for teens, suggested on how to resist to answering your phone on this website: http://www.colorado.aaa.com/safety/teen-texting-tips.asp

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