Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere~ Martin Luther King, Jr

by francis.veilleux on September 20, 2013 - 10:07pm

 There are countless injustices in the world but to me the most horrible inequalities are the ones implying children. A child is innocent, obedient, not harmful, not dangerous and so consequently easy to manipulate. Thus, they are the most vulnerable to injustices. It is unfair to inflict the most pure and innocent person to injustices, because they have no way to protect themselves from these inequalities. I find it simply horrible. 

I read an article named “KHADAMAS FOR SALE: CHILD LABOUR BONANZA”. It described a young approximately fourteen year old Indonesian girl who was amusing the children of an assumed Arabic family. She was a servant as most people call them in Gulf countries khadamas.  Families from south- East Asian countries arrive in these Arabic countries and are asked their passports for authority reasons implying they could find some job. Instead they are sold to people who want a cheap servant.  The horrible aspect of this is that they are trapped in this arrangement, because they know have their passport. Thus, this little girl as many young boys and girls, have no or little salary and they cannot escape this atrocity. Hundreds of child work at the age of ten in other countries.

Therefore, by the means of hundreds of young boys and girls rights (assuming they get paid), should this be seen as unacceptable?

In a cultural relativism point of view, in the Arabic countries, it is seen as normal that children at fourteen years old work.  It would then be in their rights to act to their customs in a cultural relativism point of view. From this article it states that in Burma a person named Hsu Hnget told Irrawaddy news, that “child labor is so deeply rooted in society that it had become a tradition.”  Also, in Indonesia, ILO estimates that 2.5 million children work as domestic workers or in tobacco industries. In a relativism perspective, it would be acceptable to continue child labor as it is seen as normal.  

However, from my point of view, these children should not work and certainly not at the age of ten. They are not fit to take their own responsibilities. They need to understand and be mature enough to be able to distinguish what may be seen as a job and child labor. Nevertheless, it may be seen as acceptable, because it is in their tradition that kids at a young age work and may provide some financial support to their families. However, it is unacceptable if they are being tricked and forced to work and brought to filthy places to work in miserable conditions. Their rights at least have to be respected. Thus, in the case of the little girl explained earlier, I would see this as unacceptable.

Another question that could of being brought up it that would it be right  that government of other countries inflict laws to these countries which abolishes child labor ?

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