Hypnosis at its Best

by brittgreco on September 20, 2013 - 11:10pm

Mind control is something people never seem to take seriously.  Being "mind controlled"  is something that would come straight out a movie scene. That part of the movie is now becoming a reality. It is a scary thought that the one thing that any human can control, its own mind, can be tampered with. I find it interesting that technology has come this far. However, the question I am worried about is how far should it really go?  

In my opinion, it is perfectly fine to be advancing technology but to put someone in control of your body, that's where the line it crosses the line. Just imagine having the center of your being controlled by someone else. If this new technology would fall into the wrong hands, there would a serious problem. Also, I think it is ethically wrong for someone to want to control another person's mind. The mind is where stems the morals and values we have and having them meddled  with can be detrimental to a society. On the other hand, mind control can in fact  be beneficial to one's health.  For example, people who cannot move their bodies themselves would be able to if someone took over their mind. Further research can eventually lead to this kind of "cure". It would be a breakthrough in the medical field and could potentially save many lives from being ruined by such diseases.

It is a interesting  research and the results can and will be dangerous if it succeeds. For the sake of humanity, let's just hope that if it does succeed, it does not fall within the wrong hands.

The question that now needs to be answered is: would you let someone take control over your mind? Even for a experiment? 



Having access to someone else’s mind seemed tempting at first. We’ve all wondered what another person is really thinking. However, even considering the option of letting someone else access my most intimate thoughts and feelings makes me panic for a second. When I read the blog about mind control, I was surprised that technology has evolved so much in so little time. This blog post captured my attention because when I was small the super power I always fantasized about was mind reading;but now that it is so close to reality, I realized that I do not feel the same way about it.

I do not want anyone to have access to any part of my mind. I think that I should have the right of privacy for my thoughts and since my mind is so far the only safe place where I can store all my reflections and opinions; I do not want to share it with others. I would not even grant access to my mind for an experiment because then my privacy is still being violated. Respecting one’s privacy is an important value to me. Hence, I would know allow mind reading.

As for the questions how far should we allow technological advancement, I think we should not let technology access and violate anyone’s mind. The human mind is one of the main characteristics that make us unique and if we allow technology to get a hold of it, things might change for the worse. This is to say that using technology to strip a man out of his mind is definitely unacceptable. Our mind and brain activity is what makes us who we are and if we tamper with it, it might make us lose our sense of humanity. I do not think this is a risk worth taking. Hence, technology should not reach the point where it is capable of accessing and manipulating a human’s brain.

I agree with the blogger here because our moral values are stored in our brain and if they are altered, it can affect a whole society and eventually the whole ecosystem. Therefore, we should not allow any kind of artificial powers to enter a human mind.

Following link brings to light another aspect of this issue: military mind control.