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by ilali_marwa on September 19, 2013 - 11:27pm

The article “Bill 101 supporters gather in downtown Montreal” is very interesting because it raises an ethical issue concerning the province of Quebec. Since the arrival of the French and English settlers in Canada, there is a tension between them. The main reason is that they do not share the same culture and language. Until today, there is still a tension between patriots of both clans. And last Wednesday, 400 people manifested in Montreal to safeguard the French language. But is this a problem that deserves all those debates and events?



Personally, I think the greatest wealth of Quebec is its diversity. French language is obviously a part of it and in fact should be keep as long as possible but it does not have to be a reason to push the Quebecois no longer speaks English. I do not think the French language is threatened to disappear, it is taught in schools and also spoken in the public service. The Quebecois people have the chance to speak two languages ​​so why would they want to limit our knowledge and eliminate one of them?



I think that tension between Francophone and Anglophone does not occur even exist. However, the Mouvement Quebec Français do their bests to protect French Language, I think that it is a very good idea but Quebec is a province in Canada; which has two official languages: French and English.



Personally I do not take sides for either language. I think that both languages ​​have their place in a province as diversify the Quebec. And you, do you think we should speak one language? Do you take the side of the English or French?



Article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/bill-101-supporters-gather-in-downtown-montreal-1.1860176


I came across this article to see what was said about the French and the English. Since I am living in Quebec this affects me and I thought that my opinion would be interesting. Your article is a bit short but it points out what the argument is and what people are arguing for. You might need to develop your ideas a bit more but my opinion on the languages spoken in Canada is that they should both be here however obviously English as more dominant because we are not going to convert every person in every province to speak French. It is just impossible and useless however the French language has spread into East Ontario and New Brunswick. Protecting our French culture is very important and it is a part of me that I am very proud of and take pride in being able to speak two different languages. I believe that the measures that Quebec is going by to protect the French language is going to far with the Parti Quebecois, I believe bringing in the Bill that forces every menu and article that has a description to have a description in French. It is a waste of time and probably money as well to have everything in French. By always having French classes in our education system and having people talking the dominant language in Quebec is enough to keep the culture safe from assimilation.

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