Should charities inform the public of the specific ways fundraising money is being utilized?

by Jay_Avera on September 9, 2014 - 8:12pm

In this article, published in The Windsor Star on August 28, 2014, Dean Seppala emphasizes how little the public is informed with regards to the way charities utilize donations received from the public through fundraising and other campaigns. Seppala does not point fingers to any specific charity, but raises concerns over the fact that many people believe they are giving their hard earned money to a just cause when that may not be the case. The authenticity of charities is challenged and Seppala continues by expressing his personal experiences with charities he has confronted. Many of the charities that he claims to have contacted deflected his inquiries and desire to see financial statements so that he could be reassured of the fund distributions. Furthermore, Seppala argues that if charities are working for the best interests of a cause, then there should not be so much secrecy regarding their use of funds. 


The conclusions that Seppala draws reflect on something many people do not take into consideration when giving donations. The public that donates does not often question if charity is always good. A just cause does not always mean a just organization, something that Seppala stresses. He repeatedly mentions that not all charities are honest about what they are doing with the public’s hard earned money and therefore charity cannot always be good because they may not be helping out the chosen cause to the maximum potential. However, on the other side of the spectrum, many people could argue that yes, all charity is good because even though the funds are not utilized in the best of ways, they do end up benefitting some individuals. Therefore, the advantage these individuals gain comes at the cost of others but so long as charity helps a fraction it is still beneficial. Furthermore, though Seppala stresses a valid point by dividing the public’s attention to the flaws in the charity system, he finalizes by stating that people should merely pose questions before deciding where to donate. An investment in a cause, he compares, is as important as an investment in a house or a car and should always be approached with a critical mind and scepticism.